Forums - Gaming Discussion - Metal Gear TIMER ends on June 1st -- HAS MS NABBED MGS5????

No, MS hasn't. It'll either be exclusive/timed exclusive on the PS3 (likely) or a first day multiplat (less likely). Making MGS5 360 exclusive would be the stupidest move Konami could make.


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1/ 1st june = MS conference
but also = E3 start ...

2/ Is MGS5 exclusive to Xbox360, so MS can present it during their conference ?

3/ Is MGS5 exclusive to PS3, so Sony can humiliate MS the day of their conference ?

4/ Is MGS5 multiplateform ?

Time to Work !

I'm going with #3.

Doubt it.


The timer stops a day before Microsoft's confrence, if you had done some research, Xbox man.
Plus, what's making everyone think its for Xbox 360? Just because the timer ends on the first day of E3, so what? What if Kojima wanted to countdown to E3 so he could reveal something, what if it's for Sony?

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I would fear for Hideo's life if MS got exclusivity on a MGS game.

ShadowSoldier said:
Actually the timer ends in Japan the day before the conference


Zuhyc said:
Oh my the Xbox man finally found out the meaning of the timer! Konami will give the finger to all PS3 MGS 4 fans by bringing MGS 5 exclusively to the 360 for some Mircrosoft $$!

And this.

Yes, I doubt it. Anyway, MGS4 has sold great on PS3 so there isn't any need to bring MGS5 on 360. That is, I'm sure Konami wants to bring it on 360, but Kojima... I don't think so, and last he though so, the game stayed PS3 exclusive (MGS4).

Also, when does Konami/Kojima Productions have its press conference/whatever at E3?

I don't know the meaning of all those rumors but i can still remember the glory moment when the president of Square Enix himself stand on ms's stage to announce FF13 for 360. That moment i know that many ps3 fans felt their hearts stopped. They can not afford another same incident with mgs. So for the love of those fans mr Kojima do not break ps3 exclusivity with your precious creation.

If it is MGS5 that is going to be announced, I give the odds at:

55% Multiplatform PS3/360
44% PS3Exclusive

A new metal Gear game for PSP PS3 shall be introduced in the next famitsu. A Japanes online Shop said it (they removed the info again maybe they made a mistake OR it was to early)

I am pretty sure there will be no game for Xbox360. But we will see.