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Forums - Sony Discussion - VGChartz plays Ico and Shadow of the Colossus


With the recent unveiling of Project Trico (intentional or not), I'd figure the site could commermorate the event by having all those who enjoy the works of Team ICO (or any looking to get into their games for the first time) play through both of the Team's previous works.  While playing each title, we can discuss gameplay strategies, like how to tackle a certain colossus, or talk about the emotional impact either game may have on us.  Make sure to properly spoiler tag things, of course.  Like so.



I think it'd be best to start Shadow of the Colossus first, given that it is set before Ico in the Ico universe, and given the fact that more people have Shadow of the Colossus out of the two, and thus more are able to play it.  Plus, I'm already halfway through Shadow, because I started replaying the game a few weeks back (I'm averaging 13 minutes a colossus, go me).  ;)



Playing Shadow starts now, then we'll begin Ico in a few days, after most people that decide to take part in this little endeavor complete Shadow.



I hope things go better than my last attempt at this, but I don't think we'll have too many problems, given 1. the popularity of both titles, and 2. the fact that both games together can be completed in under 10 hours.


And like I mentioned in my last thread, Khuutra and I have plans for a massive playthrough of all 3D console Zeldas, and possibly others as well.  However, due to time constraints on Khuutra's behalf, this has been delayed until July.  It will happen, though!


Anywho, start playing!

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it sucks i have not played Ico and i really want to. Shadow of the Colossus was an awesome game and the weird thing was i never heard of it. I didn't think anybody did until i signed up on this site

So you gonna replay it or what?  :P

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Oh most def
I gotta dig it out of my stuff though. I had just recently moved and its packed up somewhere but yeah i'm def gonna replay it. Also if u know anywhere i can find a cheap Ico let me know I'd really like to play it too

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I can't. My PS2 is on the other side of the world :(

--OkeyDokey-- said:
I can't. My PS2 is on the other side of the world :(


Story time!

I'll play SotC

--OkeyDokey-- said:
I can't. My PS2 is on the other side of the world :(


How in the hell did that happen? 0_o

I'll ................ consider it.

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