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Forums - Gaming Discussion - To those who only own ONE console!

I own all 3
suckazzz! :)
lol, sorry, couldn't resist. :)

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I would, and feel that I'm missing out on:
- a Zelda game, Metroid Prime, World of Goo, playing Wii Sports with my girlfriend.
- Mass Effect, GeOW (one), Braid, some srpg's

wfz said:
Noby Noby Boy. =(


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The only games on the Wii or 360 that interest me is the Zelda game and the 360 ports from the PC RTS games. But I'd rather play those on the PC.

PS3 games: MGS 4, Uncharted, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 and God of War 3.

I am waiting for the PS3 price to reach an affordable price point say around US $250 or less and I will pick one up.

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on xbox360:

lost odesy

Gears 2 (1 is on pc)

Ace combat 5 (i hared it may be going to ps3)

star ocean 4 (hopefully it will head to the ps3)

On wii

Fatal frame

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I'm missing Brett, I don't have a powerful enough pc. =p

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I own a Wii

I think the main thing I felt I was missing out on was Viva Pinata, but my girlfriend's housemate has a 360 and I played enough of that to get bored fairly quickly.

So yeah, no games really interest me on the Xbox360 or PS3

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i have a ps3 and i have all i want...


I currently own a PS3 and wii (at one point I owned all three).

Now any x360 games that grabs my interest I eventually get on the PC.

I enjoy both console and PC gaming so no reason really to own another x360.