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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict the IGN Metroid Review

I reckon they'll give a 9.5-9.8.. i'd be very, very surprised if it gets a 10

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:( to bad, I'm going to bed now, I'll see it after school...thanks

 1   2   3  not only you and me.

Livin' in sin is the new thing.

                  to wittle that prediction down to one slot?

I say an almost perfect 9.8

i say 9.9 cause matt gave the second one 9.5 however he loved mp1 more which got 9.8 (even though he didnt review it) and he seems to love this one more.

Slight chance he will give it a 10 but i don't think i've seen him ever give a 10 so to play it safe give it 9.9.

those are my two reasons

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id say 9.6

Cant wait till Assassins Creed!


9.5 FTW  Lenardo and Rath win.  Good job guys.

out of 10
10 Presentation
The best yet in the Prime series, Corruption comes to life with atmoshperic cinemas and voice acting. Meanwhile, a medal system and WiiConnect24 support offer great incentive to keep playing.
9.5 Graphics
Currently, Wii's best looking game. Retro's artistic sense is second to none. Prime 3 includes a welcomed variety of gorgeous planets to explore and runs in 480p / 16:9 at 60 frames per second.
10 Sound
The score by Kenji Yamamoto is as moody as ever, even featuring throwbacks to some previous games. The sound effects are puncy and the voice acting is well implemented.
9.5 Gameplay
Spectacular. Controls better than any console first-person game before it, features great pacing and a fun mix of puzzles and shooting. Contrastly, there's a tedious fetch quest and some door loads.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
At 20-plus hours, it stands tall nex to the other Prime games. The single-player affair is a little easier, but you can extend replay by scanning everything or playing again in Hyper Mode.
(out of 10 / not an average)

yea its a really nice score =)

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