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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New MadWorld video of epicness + MadWorld possible GotY contender!

Looks amazing, especially the art style.

Only concern I have is the difficulty. The minor grunts that you fight don't look very challenging at all and I don't want this just to become a kill people as bloodily as you can game.

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Hmm this looking better each time ...can't wait to try human darts.

I liked when he skewered the ninja's. And the comments are awesome. I didn't like hip-hop as the o.s.t choice when it was anounced, but the tracks are very good.

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Honestly, the more I see about this game the more I think there is a potential for huge sales if everything goes well for it. If this game becomes high enough profile to attract the attention of the anti-violent videogame crusaders the media could push MadWorld to the level where a lot of people might try it just to see what all the fuss is about.

wow. im impressed

I really do hope this game sells well, and becomes a franchise.






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Whoa, looks great. I wasn't very excited for this game, but after a few videos, it looks like it'll totally be getting this!

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I LOVE this games art style :P But man I don't dig the theme at all, I always thought the whole mechanized ninja think should have died before I saw it in Ninja Gaiden ;/ It's painfully stupid. Ninja's on motorcycles with chainsaws.... *sigh*

Does anyone know if theres a combo system in place? I mean I think the whole finisher thing is pretty awesome, but some meat to the system would be bitchen :P

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This video looking so great. :D

Maybe i should stop looking for more video of this game to keep my hype.XD


this gameplay footage is even better than the trailers before... and I agree with Soriku. The ninja/pirates thing is epic!

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Definitely looking forward to playing this. It has been on my VGC most wanted list for months (actually, since its inception).

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