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Forums - Sony Discussion - The God of War III Media Blowout is HERE!!!

Don't worry about graphics guys(they are great) everyone knows God of War is GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!!! When people use graphics as examples, it is so easy to bring a game down by saying the stupid word "meh". I hate that word its so f'ing stupid.

Fact: Earthbound is the greatest game ever made

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Yeah, WOW....just....WOW!! I have now pre-ordered from Amazon. This game looks freakin AMAZING!! So clean already. I cant wait till the final version. DEMO in 09 maybe?

H O L Y ****!

I want to add the trailer to my sig, but I don't know if its coming out this year >_<

This looks amazing! :D 

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

LOL agreed Pharaoh, just look at those screenies that show the graphics of the conference, then the graphics of the vid's now xD

This game is still cooking guys! I'm sure the framerates, graphics, and anything tied up with optimizations is still very much so in the pipeline, and one of the reasons were so hopped up, is that even knowing this, the material they presented looks fantastic!

The Santa Monica studio's are known for delivering, and the tidbits they've filled us in on seem too good to be true (but being from SM studio's they probably said fuck that statement, and it is true AND too good :P )


From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.


Can't wait for this baby to come out.

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I just HAD to post this. If any fanboys get fired up, just stfu and laugh a little...



props to GAF.

^HAHA, definitely God of War is the original GOW

Fact: Earthbound is the greatest game ever made

is it just me or does Marcus have a big head and slightly resembles a Chimera (the talk ones that come out with an auger or wraith).

I want this game as an Xmas present. Give it meeeeeeeeeeeee! Why do they keep us waiting... Sony are such ****teasers :s

Holy shit.

I just creamed.