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Forums - Sony Discussion - Solid Snake vs Master Chief

Lil_D420 said:
Solid Snake FTW because underall the green armor lies Samus from Metroid her Twin Sister LOL. , but really Snake with the CQC and shit


Chief has superior CQC and besides he'll break Snakes bones.

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Thechalkblock said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Thechalkblock said:
Carl2291 said:
Thechalkblock said:
Carl2291 said:
@Chalkblock... so now because i dont own the console means i dont like it? You ever heard of having college and not working... not being able to afford a 3rd console? Seriously, drop your pointless arguement as you sound really dumb... get on topic or leave?
OT : nice to see a bit of rivalry... but aint this thread going too far now? lol.
As for me... Heart says snake... but after reading up on Chiefs backstory... Mind says Chief.


Yeah I don't know why I am arguing anymore, I didn't mean for this to go this far. All I really wanted to say was what you said was unneeded. Sorry for calling you a troll.


I love you now

No hard feelings then, I'm sorry for being so keen to defend my argument. Our argument was pointless.

As for Snake vs. Chief, this scenario is pretty much impossible, so I think whoever wins depends on the bias of the person asked.

Not true. If you think about their attributes and other factors it's quite simple. It's like comparing a hill to a mountain. Bias is to ignore facts as based on a one sided favoritism.


There is a bunch of ways you could change the scenario to have either character win. Even if you think it as comparing a hill to a mountain I could also say it's like comparing David to Goliath.

Change the Scenario then but beware...chief will still win.


Nirvana_Nut85 said:
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mesoteto said:
@Nir--have you read any of this thread---if snake tried to break chiefs neck he would end up pulling a shoulder or something

its impossible for any creature short of a brute to match chiefs strength

he does not have normal bones they have been boosted to be stronger then steel--b/c of that snake could never hope to break them

(not to mention the moment he grabs chief he would be ripped in two

No, not really. Put your fanboyism aside for a moment and think clearly.It's not hard to snap anyoneone's neck, regardless of how strong they are. All snake would have to do is sneak up from behind grab MC by the helmet and twist. It would also be very easy to sneak up on him as Snake's suit allows him to blend in with any environment.

Master Chief's bones don't break. Period. He has survived falls from orbit before with no broken bones whatsoever. Snake would have just as much luck trying to break the neck of a mass-produced Metal Gear Ray with his bare hands.

I'm sure his armor plays apart of that. Regardless if he had his neck twisted in the right direction it's gonna break period. think rationally for god sakes.



Good luck to Snake getting his arm around MC's neck and turning his head.

Master Chief weight and measurements:

The Master Chief stands about seven feet (2.13 m) tall and weighs 1,000 pounds (450 kg) in armor;without it, he stands six feet, seven inches (2 m) tall and weighs 287 pounds (130 kg).

With that armor Snake would not be able to snap his neck.

The Helmet and the armor are seperated from each other, therefore he can still snap his neck. He also would not have to get his full arm aroundhis helmet, just a good enough brace and catch him off guard.



The separator between the helmet and the body armor is not made out of rubber you know.

Solid snack vs Master Chef?

I'd probably go with the chef.

FU Mcdonalds is way better than salmon and the chief is master of all type of combat yeah all type so dont bring shit like snake is better cause he is stheal MC wil notice him and slap him in the face and kill him (Snake is coller but that dont makes him better than mc)

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sorry for my grammar

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Kos-mos said:
Mendicate Bias said:

I love how your argument for having irrational arguments and attacking other people is that English isn't your first language. Guess what geniuse its not my first language either. Now stop coming into a thread and having a fit because people use common sensical arguments to prove you wrong. If you can't have a civilized discussion and even bring up a single realistic argument as to why Snake would beat the Chief in a straight up fight with both on equal ground then please leave the thread.

Well mister smart. If you start reading my first posts, you`d understand, but coming here and attacking me for my grammar, then talk about me having irrational argument? Are you more stupid than you and your online pictures look? Yer rubbish.




My pictures seem to make you feel very insecure. I actually find it quite amusing to see that your threatened by me just by looking at my pictures. Is it because you a very unfit individual that has a hard time talking to girls or is it because you probably have no friends due to your obvious lack of socializing skills. I'm guessing it's probably both.

If looking at my pictures makes you feel so disgusted with yourself then I advise you stop clicking on my profile. Have a nice day :)


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SNAKE would win

Aren't we talking about Snake and Chief in the games? Why give the Chief superhuman powers he has in books (whose existence was unknown to most of us until we saw them cited in this thread), but obviously are scaled down in games, otherwise they wouldn't be challenging at all?

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")
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^is that a joke--even in teh games he moves tanks, can punch a jeep and cause it to flip, jumps 10 feet in th air and can run faster then average man

can go blow for blow with brutes (which are giant apes)

so if if you watered it down he would still smoke snake

face it, it was a bad pairing and pretty much was a batman (without Kryptonite) vs superman thread