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Kasz216 said:

Wow, your cranky... and you missed the point despite me directly stating the point.

It's a rare circumstance, even rarer then a game selling 10 million, and furthermore it has a decent shot of keeping this up and beating PS3 at the end of the gen.  Since it isn't really slowing down much.

Wii play's sales are creeepily linear...

I mean look at it.

It's crazy.

Wii Play has always maintained a ~40% attach rate. It seems pretty easy to predict Wii Play sales if you can predict Wii sales (which so far you can by using Wii shipment forecasts, since it almost always sells out).


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Lolcislaw said:

It is annoying when some gamers do think that they have superior taste then others, i really dont see the problem what is bad about people enjoying titles like Wii Play or Deca Sports. It does not harm anyone, yet some people claim that this is killing industry.

And about Casual gamers, i really do not see why people hate them so much, and yet no one criticises casual gamers that bought PS2 only to play GT 4 and Madden, they as casual as those who buy Carnival Games for their Wii.


Why is it annoying ?I think you belive in politicall correctness way too much.

From my point of view my own taste is obviously superior to others on the sole basic that it's MINE.

I accept that other people might have diffrent opinion and think games I enjoy are crap (well it's their problem not mine :) )




Zlejedi said:
Next generation i bet all 3 companies will sell their controllers with bundled demos to chart a few milions software sales more :)

 Nice obsercation! I thought the same. They'll probably do with some simple and low budget titles. Let's hope they'll be better than Wii Play.


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I wonder if has something to do with the fact Wii Play is at least 8 times cheaper.






NintendoMonopoly said:
DMeisterJ said:

Can you practice using the enter button?

         I'm not sure, you're the best person be to talking, about punctation and grammar, but way to ignore what I was saying, anyways. Since, you have reading comprehension issues, here it is again, in a more digestible form.

         It's meaningful, because it puts the whole gaming industry into perspective. People keep trying to deflect the importance of Wii Play Success, 1 way or another.

          1st, Wii Play is crap, that no one wants. Nevermind, the average # of hours spent playing it. Then, it's success doesn't matter because it's bundled, until it sells so much, that ignoring it looks down right foolish. Now, it can't be compared to HW.

          People compare HW vs SW all the time, including yourself. Talking about attach rates is a common practice around here. The combined effect of the high attach rate of Wii Play and how much the Wii is outpacing the PS3, makes it possible for Wii Play to outsell it. You know, a system has to outsell another system by a considerable margin, for 1 of it's games to outsell the other system. Mentioning something as monumental as that, is a completely legitimate topic to post. Are we suppose to pretend it didn't happen, because some people can handle it. Anytime, any big achievement happens in gaming, I would expect some one to make a topic about it, regardless of which system it effects.

          Besides, it's not like you wouldn't be doing the same thing, if the shoe was on the other foot. Let's say, a GT game(or whatever) came out for the PSP and it outsold the 360, are you going to try and tell me you wouldn't be excited? Hell. I see you posting, about any minuet success Sony has, on a regular basis. Why not, just be a man about it and respect what happened? It might help, give you some shred of creditability. I don't go around, pretending GTA:SA sales aren't big. Why don't you try, practicing the same level of maturity?

          So, we can only congratulate Nintendo on their achievements, as long as Sony isn't mentioned anywhere. Ok. Got it. The 20 mill is nice, but I think that's just the beginning, for Wii Play.

I think most PS3 users feel a bit attacked by the others (Wii and 360), so that's the reason they post every good news they know. And the others well, they felt so bad last gen that they get excited every time they see Sony have some kind of problem. So sad. If there is no frustration I don't see the need to make threats like this and call trolls the ones that don't think the same.

This time I prefer PS3 and DS, but last gen I played PC, previously N64 and SNES, so not a fanboy at all, I only support the company that makes the games I like the most. No need to be so frustrated by sales, just enjoy games. Go and enjoy Wii Play crap minigames (the tank one is fun though).

I have to congratulate Nintendo for doing one of the best marketing ever (with the excuse of Apple) but its game library is that good... only a few games that are worth playing for more than some hours and actually take advantage of the controllers, and don't forget the lazy GC and DS ports to it too. They must be making a lot of money, let's hope they invest it in their next console and remember how to do great games again. This time it seems they don't need to try very hard because people buy their titles no matter their quality or effort (anyone has seen the reviews for most Wii titles... very low scores).

Moreover, titles selling a lot don't make them better. Cinema is full of shitty comercial films and the same for music. Filmakers and singers (I can't call them musicians) making very bad films or music that seam to appeal to a lot of people don't make it better.

And in the end, some people happy because they are playing the best and more fun games out there and others happy because the console they chose it's selling a lot. I prefer to be in the first group, thanks!


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@Usul: That's just opinion. For me the PS3 has the worst library, thanks!

BoleroOfFire said:
Wow...I hadn't realized. Crazy sales! Definitely worth the $10 bucks though.


 isn't it only $5 when you subtract the cost of the controller you get with it?

coolestguyever said:
BoleroOfFire said:
Wow...I hadn't realized. Crazy sales! Definitely worth the $10 bucks though.


 isn't it only $5 when you subtract the cost of the controller you get with it?

Not sure about everywhere else in the world but the U.S.

39.99 - Wii Remote

49.99 - Wii Play


zleep said:
@Usul: That's just opinion. For me the PS3 has the worst library, thanks!

I can understad the difference in tastes and opinions but not the obsesion with one console crushing the others. The purpose of threads like this (I should stop posting in it and do it in more constructive ones). By the way, "my" DS is outselling the PSP by a big margin but I don't mind, it doesn't make me happier. I just buy and enjoy the DS games I'm interested in.


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WOW!!!! Do you know that Snickers has outsold tires? this post makes no sence.

I should get the PS3 because there is no one thing that xbox 360 can do that ps3 cant but

there are numerous things that ps3 can do that xbox cant. just stating the facts. Ps3 can handle

All halos on 1 disk. Xbox cant even handle full version if godfather not to mention MGS4.