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It was Ace Combat, Mass Effect and Gears of War, but now I have them all!

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I want Fable 2..... : (
is it coming to pc some time?

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Leni said:
I want Fable 2..... : (
is it coming to pc some time?

Of course it is. It'd be wrong to think otherwise.


I've never been able to understand people who don't like Zelda. It's as if our brains are just wired differently.

Gears of War 2

Virtua Fighter 5 Online

Zack & Wiki

Boom Blox


I hope Gears 2 comes to PC and VF5 Revolution comes to the PS3, then I can skip buying an Xbox for another console generation.

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Maybe Gears 2, for the wii for now nothing.

Well i own PS3 and 360. So i'm not jelous of any 360 games.

As for Wii there are none I want. Honestly none. I've never owned a nintendo console before (except gameboy) so i have no reason to like Zelda, Metroid Prime or Mario.

New updatet list:

Left 4 Dead (damn you Valve)
Portal 2 (damn you Valve)
Halo3 (fat chance)
Mass Effects (hopefully soon)
Bioshock (not anymore)

Yup that's about it. 360 owners can keep curbstomping Gears and single-player MMORPG Fable2. But the games above may force me into renting or buying a used 360 sometimes.

Mmm ,nothing on the Wii

On the 360

Dead Rising (its starting to get a bit old though)
Gears 2 (I played 1 on the PC)
Lost Oddysey (not an AAA but like its looks)

oh I forgot Fable II that one is tempting me to buy one .

I've got a Wii and a PS3 and am convinced we'll get to see SOIV and ToV on the PS3 as well, so... nothing really. I don't care about FPS and the other stuff are multi platform. I've got Valkyria Chronicles and next year White Knight Chronicles, no Lost Odyssey or Infinite can match that.

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