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Forums - Website Topics - Thats it, I'm done, I'm just a lurker (if even that) from now on!

ioi said:
leo-j what are you trying to say exactly in English?

Sony shipped 4.28 not 4.48 million to retailers as of June 30th. Our sell to customer figures as of July 1st are shown on:

3.65 million, 4.28 million shipped to retailers, 630k in stores and ~1.5m made and in Sony warehouses.

Make sense?

Yes I understand right before you said this, I read it in a couple of sites, when there were questions whether it was shipped or sold. Basicly sony has sold to retail not to consumers. I completely forgot about the warhouses.


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it'll never make sense to the fanboys. All right, I give up. Sony has sold 4.48 millions units while Wii sales are decreasing. PS3 is getting all the good games while the Wii is getting nothing but shovelware crap. The Wii is just a fad and PS3 will dominate this generation. If that is what it takes to keep everyone happy, I'm all for it. Stir away from anymore controversy.

Yahh the wii love sony hate is quite much on here, alot is also that half the mods actively participate in it. I mean nothing bad can be posted about the wii because you will get hammer by wii fanboys and the mods that side with them. So if you start to argue back your screwed. And there are plenty idiotic sony hate threads that prove theres plenty bias on here.

Nonquihote, what a load of rubbish

@leo-j Not everyone is a fanboy. Thats a limited view, that no one in the world can think differently than you.

@theshoe23 It's good to see someone apologize after going a little overboard. I think most here can understand what it's like when your console of choice is not doing so well, and there are many people attacking it. I respect that you can apologize for your momentary release of frustration.

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awwwww man, your not goin post anymore, aww man i'm not going to see you what you posted, man i... i don't even know who you are. I really don't even really care anyways. Every site will have its fanboys and bashers all the time. Grow up and live with it, or leave. But don't make a whole new thread about why your leaving and complaining about people and the facts and numbers and all that stuff. I don't support bashing all that much, but i don't support b*tchin either. But i still respect your opinion because it does make some sense in certain ways. But come on. What did you expect to accomplish by making this thread?

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Hawk said:
@leo-j Not everyone is a fanboy. Thats a limited view, that no one in the world can think differently than you.

@theshoe23 It's good to see someone apologize after going a little overboard. I think most here can understand what it's like when your console of choice is not doing so well, and there are many people attacking it. I respect that you can apologize for your momentary release of frustration.

Oh well...Im bored anyway.



People don't assault him. I can understand his frustration, and I even understand why people have trouble understanding the shipped/sold issue. Let me at least try and explain your 2 recent examples to help you calm down and relax a little.

Technology patent troll lawsuits are filed every day. 99% of them don't go through. They are all completely worthless and off-base (the recent Cell processing one is no exception). ssj12 said on that thread that he hopes it goes to court, because of how ridiculous it is. This is when HappySquirrel showed an example of one of these troll lawsuits succeeding and I think this upset you, but he was just trying to explain to ssj12 why you never want these to make it into court, not that Sony was doomed and the PS3s would be destroyed. Chances are 1/1000 of this actually making it to court. It will be settled out of court for some small amount of money to Sony but enough to satisfy the patent troll and keep him going till he can find something else to sue for. No one things this is going to go to court, but there is a valid concern for what can happen IF these lawsuits get to court.

The Shipping Issue:
I understand that this is confusing, so let me try to explain it from Sony's perspective. Let's say I am Sony. It has come time for me to file a financial report. Financial reports, by law, must be accurate according to what I have sold. I, as a corporation, go through 2 steps in shipping my product. I ship my product to Warehouses from Factories, then I ship them to Distributors from those Warehouses. After they are shipped to distributors, they are NO LONGER MY PRODUCT. This is where people seem to get caught up. I can not LEGALLY report the amount of PS3s sold to consumers in my financial reports, because I do not sell PS3s to consumers, I ship them to warehouses, then sell them to distributors.

I used to report what I shipped to warehouses, however, because I stopped production of the 60GB model PS3, if I continued to report Factory to Warehouse shipments, it would show that I haven't shipped much at all. So, instead I am going to report the only other thing I legally can: Warehouse to Distributors. That way I can show that PS3 sales are still very strong and the system is selling well enough that distributors are purchasing lots of them. In this way, I got that PS3's have sold 4.48 million worldwide, and reported it promptly in my financial statements. This was then misinterpreted as sold to consumers by some websites who did not understand that I am only legally allowed to report what I have sold to retailers, as I do not have any control over what is sold past that point (nor do I have any data on it).

Does that clear this up? I hope you feel a little better, and I don't want you to stop posting on the website. Ignore people who are too offensive to you and stick around.

If this really was nicotine induced then I'm glad I never even considered smoking. Aside from the general content of your post here, the fact that you're saying "I'm gonna leave!" pretty much undermines every point that could have otherwise been made. Do you really think yourself so integral to these forums that your leaving them will devastate the Wii fanboy community? I'm sure you'll be a martyr, and spurn the Sony fanboys to rise up in arms and RETAKE VGCHARTS. VIVA LA REVOLUT- er... crap, that was the codename for the Wii, so I can't use that.

I'm a major Nintendo Fanboy and my first post was about the console war, and I'm pretty sure that I gave Sony a tentative 2nd place, if not at the time, then now. This was even after making song lyrics back in november to Weird Al's White and Nerdy in support of the Wii and bashing the PS3 launches. I ended up getting rid of teh lyrics cause most of them no longer ha any relevance.

When it comes down to it, it's more than just a Nintendo Fanboy thing. It's practically down to a classic boxing match. Nintendo lost their championship belt to Sony, and now they're coming to take it back, they're succeeding too.

But now lets look at the basic points you raised. PS3 sales numbers. VGCharts has been tracking them pretty constantly, and has been making adjustments anytime sales figures are released. The idea that Sony somehow has some region that no one has been tracking, that they've sold over .5 million consoles to is pretty far fetched. However, with how many consoles I've seen on store shelves, I have no trouble believing that those .5 million could be consoles still sitting on shelves. Sorry to say, but this isn't a case of fanboyism, it's a case of logic.

As far as the article about Sony having to destroy their PS3s is utterly ridiculous. I've never seen it, but I don't need to. Anyone who believes that could possibly be right is a retarded monkey, and anyone who cares what retarded monkeys post is just as bad.

Why are there so many posts supporting the Wii here and so many not Supporting the PS3? Hmm... maybe it could do with the fact that this site shows the sales figures for the various companies, and so PS3 fans don't come here because it reminds them that they really aren't doing well.
It may sound so odd, but if you watch sports fans, they don't seem nearly as interested in hearing score statistics when their team is on the losing end of all of them.

Sorry, I don't see this being an issue so much with the Site not supporting Sony fans as much as it's an issue of Sony fans not supporting the site.

Also, if it is just withdrawal issues, good luck with that. I'm rooting for you on that issue, but try not to use it too often. It tends to make it look like you're trying to backpedal when you see you aren't getting the support you were hoping for.

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you can't make huge generalizations like that I'm more aWii60 guy with heavy emphases on the Wii..

honestly it's about damn time Nintendo on top all take the annoying crazy fanboy love any day then Nintendo haters