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Forums - Website Topics - Thats it, I'm done, I'm just a lurker (if even that) from now on!

Grey Acumen said:
If this really was nicotine induced then I'm glad I never even considered smoking. Aside from the general content of your post here, the fact that you're saying "I'm gonna leave!" pretty much undermines every point that could have otherwise been made. Do you really think yourself so integral to these forums that your leaving them will devastate the Wii fanboy community? I'm sure you'll be a martyr, and spurn the Sony fanboys to rise up in arms and RETAKE VGCHARTS. VIVA LA REVOLUT- er... crap, that was the codename for the Wii, so I can't use that.

I'm a major Nintendo Fanboy and my first post was about the console war, and I'm pretty sure that I gave Sony a tentative 2nd place, if not at the time, then now. This was even after making song lyrics back in november to Weird Al's White and Nerdy in support of the Wii and bashing the PS3 launches. I ended up getting rid of teh lyrics cause most of them no longer ha any relevance.

When it comes down to it, it's more than just a Nintendo Fanboy thing. It's practically down to a classic boxing match. Nintendo lost their championship belt to Sony, and now they're coming to take it back, they're succeeding too.

But now lets look at the basic points you raised. PS3 sales numbers. VGCharts has been tracking them pretty constantly, and has been making adjustments anytime sales figures are released. The idea that Sony somehow has some region that no one has been tracking, that they've sold over .5 million consoles to is pretty far fetched. However, with how many consoles I've seen on store shelves, I have no trouble believing that those .5 million could be consoles still sitting on shelves. Sorry to say, but this isn't a case of fanboyism, it's a case of logic.

As far as the article about Sony having to destroy their PS3s is utterly ridiculous. I've never seen it, but I don't need to. Anyone who believes that could possibly be right is a retarded monkey, and anyone who cares what retarded monkeys post is just as bad.

Why are there so many posts supporting the Wii here and so many not Supporting the PS3? Hmm... maybe it could do with the fact that this site shows the sales figures for the various companies, and so PS3 fans don't come here because it reminds them that they really aren't doing well.
It may sound so odd, but if you watch sports fans, they don't seem nearly as interested in hearing score statistics when their team is on the losing end of all of them.

Sorry, I don't see this being an issue so much with the Site not supporting Sony fans as much as it's an issue of Sony fans not supporting the site.

 Once again i congradulate Grey Acumen's post because it is exactly what i was thinking. But on account of myself, i'm sorry if i went a little rude/mean to anybody, but the original poster should think a little before he does stuff. Making this thread isn't doing anything but making him look a little foolish/childish and the site will still continue in its ways. The best way to stop PS3 bashing is supporting the PS3. If the Nintendo fanboys could do that during the 64/Cube days, why can't the Sony people do that now? 

I don't support bashing but people will bash, and you should live through it. This is a Video Game Sales site, and since most people post about VGSales when they are on the winning side, you'll see what you call bashing. But it's alright, no need to go crazy over. But if you leave, your not doing anything but bringing yourself down. At least, don't leave like this. All your doing is basically saying "I'm not going to post on this site until the PS brand starts winning and people bash something else". Sounds quite foolish to me. 

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theshoe23 said:

...PLUS, its not the lawsuit, its the fact its getting ANY credence at all. The posting is to make people scared or drive down sales of competing consoles. Not to inform....

Dude, there are some people that won't buy the thing, even if the lawsuit or bad posts don't appear.

Keep in mind that even though you may not believe vg chartz, they are backed up (give or take 10-15%) by NPD in terms of hardware sold to consumers. If you doubt the numbers you are placing your faith in a few unspecific online articles instead of the leading market research company in the world.

stof said:

I've never heard of you, but judging by this thread I'm ok with you leaving.

LOL...thats what I like about you show no mercy!!!


I'll go ahead and speak for everybody here:

Wow, 83 whole posts and a whiny little snot? You'll be missed.

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Naznatips explanations are fantastic, so I won't reiterate.

On the Fanboy issue, umm... give it a rest. All three systems get slack.

Wii is sadly underpowered. (true: No HD, graphics last gen)
360 is a manufacturing trainwreck. (true: 3 year warranty)
PS3's sales are horrible and shipments were too high. (true: Sony doing the clearance sale)

All are true, all fanboys choose to ignore it instead of admitting it and moving on. They let other people's opinions affect how they feel.

Even I am guilty sometimes. The other day, someone called one system godly while another was being bashed. I posted a response, mocking the other person and a mod contacted me to not be an ass on purpose. The mods do a good job.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

Ok I think this has run its course. ;>

Nonquihote said:
Yahh the wii love sony hate is quite much on here, alot is also that half the mods actively participate in it. I mean nothing bad can be posted about the wii because you will get hammer by wii fanboys and the mods that side with them. So if you start to argue back your screwed. And there are plenty idiotic sony hate threads that prove theres plenty bias on here.

You realise that posts like this don't assist your argument at all?

Lets see some of these examples of "Sony hate threads" - started not only by people on this forum - but also started by moderators. Otherwise, you are doing nothing else but trolling - and being a bad loser. Grow up.


@leo-j: if you don't like the figures on this forum, feel free to quit and hang out at another (pro-Sony?) forum. ioi will never change the figures on this site - as they are based on fact. (I can't believe people are still commenting on this - how many times do we need to explain the situation?)

The only thing that could result in the figures being changed, would be one of the other reporting agencies coming out and retrospectively saying they made a mistake. The figures here would then be updated as required.




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I think, for this generation so far, it's been particularly hard on Sony fans as Sony has been the champion for two generations and they, while still WAY too early to call, have slipped pretty far down on the 'leadership scale'. For years, it's been Sony-time, all the time - but things just aren't going that way at the moment.

On the other end of the spectrum are Nintendo fans who have been getting beaten down during these same two generations, and are now getting a chance to exact a bit of revenge. As hard as you, as a Sony fan, think you have it, put yourself in the shoes of a Nintendo fan that's had to deal with not only the N64's second place finish, but the third place finish of the GCN to a newcomer in MS!!!

Moral: What goes around, comes around. Suck it up and deal...

...and ioi, if you have to explain those numbers to one more person, I think I'm gonna snap!!!! Holy LORD - what the hell is the problem?!?!?!?!?