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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favourite character?

EagleHD said: Jill valentine and Laura Croft sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Haha Well for coolness sakes, you can't really beat Solid Snake

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1. Mog (FF6) 2. Locke (FF6) 3. Loco Roco (so damn cute) Cant really think of too many more. Why? Mog is so damn cute! Locke is such a great guy. How many seroius RPGs have girls hanging off the guy, with him obsessed with the past. LocoRoco... their just SO DAMN CUTE!!!

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1. Vincent Valentine (FF7) 2. Link (Legend of Zelda-TP) 3. Yuffie Kisaragi (FF7-Her selfishness is entertaining xD)

@ robjoh: U want more good gamecubegames?! -Ikaruga: Fast passed 2d shooter With 3d graphs. -Zelda: Twilight princess (iff u have a Wii, buy that one, it rocks :D). -Metal gear solid: The twin snakes. -Resident evil: 4. -Timesplitters 2 & Future perfect. -Super smash bros: Melee. -Tales of symphonia (Best RPG of the generation). -Baten kaitos (and part 2: Origins). (Only iff u like card based fighting games). -Naruto: Kengotu ninja taisen 4 (import version, get a freeloader)... Or buy part 2 (that one is now out in America). -Geist (only for the multiplayer wich is kinda fun iff u can get it somewhere for 20-30 bucks) -Rogue leader/squadron (dont know exactelly) part 2&3. -Pro evolution 6 (Only in Japan, Konami was testing iff the game would sell on nintendo hardware, import that one). And eerhm... -Beyond good and evil (That one is a sleeping hit, one of the best games i have ever played, and iff u like nintendo games, i kinda get the idea u do due to the games u own, BUY IT!). And btw: Get rid of the mario sports games and get a wii :D... Only keep mario kart: It rocks! Edit: I never quite noticed but as i'm summing up the Gamecube games, a lot of good 3th party games come to light that i never quiet noticed until the hardware was dead. So now i have to order lots of em while i still have to buy wii games... And i also want a 360, so its gonna be an expensive year :D:D:D But a hell of a good one :D


still the same

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1) Haruhi
2) Mio
3) Tharja
4) Samus
5) Snake

And why yes, they are all from gamez


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1.) Link

2.) Mario

3.) Snake

4.) Megaman

5.) Sonic

6.) Kirby, yeah a lot of cartoons. They're memorable for me I guess.

Nathan Drake!!! :D

1. Link
2. Samus
3. Bayonetta
4. Lara Croft
5. Mario (the Paper Mario version)

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Dat Necro!

Anyways.... umm... Pikachu?