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Sony again bragging about what they may do sometime down the line.

Microsoft strategy is not to announce stuff until its almost ready. That way you seldom under deliver.

Nintendo just get on with it in their own way.

I'm not really here!

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DMeisterJ said:
Onimusha12 said:
"We few, we happy few..." Lol

That was so funny...

Last year.

I thought it was clever. unless..... Oni did you use an old joke? You tricked me into laughing


The Sony PR once again does a great job... at making people laugh. Can't say the same about Jerry Seinfeld.

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Kim, it's in his delivery, not in the words.

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hilarious, just hilarious

Just normal PR really, but as time goes on i should think less and less people will believe it! Am not sure i believe ps3 will be around longer than its rivals either.



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Hm... Wouldn't PS3 want to get closer to the herd... since the herd is ahead of them... and way ahead of them.

If you could call 2 other consoles a heard.

Really more of a pack... and even then not really considering how far away the Wii is from the other two.


I don't give a crap what he says. All I noticed is that he looks like a Jewish Mel Gibson.

Onimusha12 said:
outlawauron said:
Onimusha12 said:
False Confidense is all Sony, or any company heavily involved in HD-gaming, has. It's p.r. bravado simple as that, a carefully orchestrated facade to be maintained at all times to keep the consumer from realizing the bottom is falling out from underneath the Video Game Industry for just about everyone but Nintendo.

Who wants to buy a product from a company that admits they're fucked? It's Sony's manufactured confidence that allows the consumer the fleeting illussion that they're not going anywhere and that the PS3 isn't the trainwreck that it is infact is trying to recover from.

Of course as you can in this thead, such bravado offers renewed strength to all the Sony faithfuls whose vocabularies now consist of such Tretton approved phrases as, "Future Proof, You're paying for potential, Sony doesn't buy exclusives they earn them..." But more importantly such announcements create the illusion of viable video game console alternative in the market to the non-comittal potential consumers.

Of course now that the PS3 is starting to lose to the 360 again on weekly basis, expect a shitstorm of "Is the PS3 supply constrained?", "When will the PS3 make its next big comeback?", "The PS4 will set things right!" and "ZOMFG the next big Sony exclusive!" threads using Sony's P.R. bravado as their backbone. When things are at their worst that's perhaps when its the most important for Sony to feign confidence.

Well, good thing the PS3 is in a better position this year than last!


 This is true and its very good for Sony that things have improved as much as they have. However, at least for the Sony fandom, response to negative news is something that is contextualized by the immediate circumstances, not the long term progress of a product. It doesn't matter that Sony is doing far better than most could have hoped for last year, the fact that they've fallen beneath the 360 again after having reached such a comfortable assurance of second place is enough to send many into a panic... And not missing a beat Sony knows to counteract any set back their products face.


Eh, the WW race is not set. 360 isn't outdoing week end and week out.

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selnor said:
GTAIV08 said:
i have heard more stupid things like " xbox 360 will sell more consoles worlwide than ps3" im sure everyone knows who said that!

Ok, welcome. Just to point out to you the PS3 might come 2nd your right there. But to say people are stupid for saying that 360 will sell more is certainly foolish. Look at the homepage and remind us all of marketshare and current sales this week?

My point to you is that people have opinions, thats there right. If anything based on evidence I believe the 360 has the upper hand. Go easy on calling people stupid. Even if they are your opposite fanboys.



it was microsoft who said that. i think it was at E3 08

Yeah it's good to be cocky when your dead last on both console(PS3) and handheld(PSP).