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bdbdbd said:
No Rol yet? Damn.

On topic: It was pretty good read. Sometimes i feel like Malstrom visits VGChartz forum and makes a news post about what we've discussed here.

Actually, he frequents NeoGAF, but since most gaming forums have the same discussions it's understandable why you'd think so.

dib8rman said:

I read the entire article, and I've saying that entire article over and over and over.

One person summed it up well in one sentance:
"Anything that pisses this many hardcore gamers off has to be good."

Not quite the gist of the article, but hilarious nonetheless.

tuoyo said:

Read the whole article (I am real bored at work so need to pass away time till 5.30). Wii Music is not Genius. This chap is talking crap. He's talking about as much crap as Wii Music is. Having said that it is a sales Genius given that it will sell well over 5 million copies even though it only deserves to sell 2 copies. But in terms of the actual game/toy being Genius the answer is NO! NO! NO! NO!

Care to rebut his points? I'm being seriou here, mind you. Explain what you think he was saying, what support he was offering, and then rebut.

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No... the real genius of Wii Music is - they gave a bunch of trainee game developers a few thousand bucks to throw together a game in the frame of two months, slapped "Wii" infront of the title and will make enough money out of it to end world hunger.

I can't believe I didn't think of it before them.

Malstrom is genious! Wii music is perfect, it will make nintendo a lot of money for... well, nothing. Hope to see more of this stuff from nintendo.

OkeyDokey - ^_^

If all the Wii games are so terrible I wonder how "Wii" became sellable, poeple must like not ending world hunger.

M$rio and W$$ are are made by Nin$$$$$.

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Me: Why Malstrom is a Fucking Moron

Read any of his articles. If you still don't understand why, it is because you are a fucking moron too.
Congratulations! Knuckle-dragging degenerates like you are the reason Sarah Palin can increase McCain's poll rating, despite being one of the most profoundly stupid and ignorant people ever to (dis)grace the Earth.

The use of the terms "genius" and "art" in relation to Wii Music is an insult to aesthetes and intellectuals everywhere, as are the references to Shakespeare and Philip Glass. His video comparison makes no sense either, as he claims a reproduction is more accurate than the original!

"Why on Earth would anyone want to emulate the mechanical robot way of the latter when the former lets the player use his or her soul?"

Does he not realise that Wii Music uses MIDI tunes? Could there be anything more robotic or sterile than that? Incidentally, I can only think of one game that incorporates the music of Philip Glass and it really is as close as videogames have ever come to being art. Backlash or no backlash.

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Too bad that the snobcorez start bashing this great game before they even try it. :(

This game will be HUGE and it will piss off some thousands of pathetic "hardcore" gamers(mostly teenagers) who bitch and moan when they see a game wich won't have guns, bombs or blood in it.

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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dib8rman said:
OkeyDokey - ^_^

If all the Wii games are so terrible I wonder how "Wii" became sellable, poeple must like not ending world hunger.

M$rio and W$$ are are made by Nin$$$$$.

The Wii games aren't terrible (except for Wii Play, but that's really just a $5 controller demo).
Wii Sports and espescially Wii Fit are great for what they are.

But this... this will be E.T. times a million!

@noname: Well i knew he visits GAF, but frankly, i don't. Usually when you see something on a gaming forum, the discussion is a lot different that it is here on VGC.

@Played_Out: If you'd understand his articles, you'd notice that Malstrom is talking business. His blog posts are usually only to make good observations. Sometimes they relate to articles, sometimes they don't.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Well I agree with Malstrom. I DO think Wii Music is genius. It is DARING. It is turning the entire 'music games' industry on it's collective ear by making an actual music game not a rhythm game.

And I don't think it'll be hugely commercially successful because few of us are really musically inclined. We like to listen to it but we can't compose. For most of us Wii Music is a noise maker because that's all we can do with it.

Malstrom seems to tactically agree with me by not claiming it'll be a big seller either but instead repeatably stating 'Whether Wii Music is a success in sales or not does not dispute the fact that the game is a work of genius.'