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Yea really Gballzack c'mon, you are kinda over the edge with the avatars aren't yea. I am actually surprised though, anyone else been to Kotaku? They declared Nintendo the winner of the press conferences based on the amount of clicks for the video feed.

Sony's press conference was the most misleading. Obviously most people are falling for it. Seriously, what did they actually announce? One new exclusive, that's it. Did they give release dates for said exclusives? No. It is probably a title for late 2009 and what we saw was probably a CG video for InFAMOUS. It's probably barely even begun production yet. Not saying that game won't live up to some awesome hype, just that it ain't coming out for ages. I think Sony has literally given us the names of every title they have in development so far.

Microsoft sucked ass by far the most. They have been out longer than everyone else and has the largest installed base, they should have had something to announce.

Nintendo seems like the odd one here because we all know damn well they have lots of other games to show, but they didn't. We haven't seen anything about Disaster or Project HAMMER, not much on Smash Bros. They could have done better for the hardcore easily, but they chose not to. Maybe they aren't taking E3 as seriously. Who knows.

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1 - Sony
2 - Nintendo
3 - Microsoft

Sony had the best showing, all titles but what was stated are going to be released before March 2008. Thats exactly what Phil said.

Nintendo, announced add-ons. Wii Fit... want to do yoga.. theres a TV channel with it free... they were to high and mighty. worse then Sony ever was. "The Wii and DS are the best selling consoles ever" umm.. reggie you are forgetting about the PS1 and PS2. The DS hasnt even sold half the PS1 let alone the PS2. Overall they at least showed new "games"

Microsoft - LMFAO the show was just POOR.

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1. I think from a general public perspective Nintendo wins.

The general public won't be seeing MGS4 or Rockband much at all, if any, come holiday shopping time when the morning talk shows host a quick run down of the coolest and must have stuff from Santa.

I see Wii and thus, the WiiBoard, getting the most press coverage. So while this isn't the biggest "win" for Nintendo in the hearts of the entrenched gaming community, it will expand the base for Nintendo even further, also allowing for the success of the peripherals to then supported and integrated for future established games and genres for the traditional gamers.

Their show to me had the best flow and charm even though it wasn't a firecracker. They could have announced more games than they did. Also, why wasn't the Zapper used in the demonstration of Metroid?!

2. Sony did really well with pulling a few aces out of it's sleeve for the traditional gamers. Lots of the content looks really good. Echochrome, MGS4, Unreal 3 look fantastic!

PSP has some nice stuff on the way if your interested in the system. Personally, I'm not much of a hand-held gamer, it took New Super Mario Bros, to convince me to buy a DS. So I wasn't impressed by much, although I thought the Starwars Vader emblem was cool. Personally I would rather pay an etching service and get something more personal, but hey it's not that bad. The $200 bundle pack, also sounded like a real deal.

I think Sony did the best at saving some face and actually making some noise for established gamers. I think everyone expected Sony to really try hard this round yet only to equal about the consensus that MS is getting for their presentation.

It could be just me, but I thought that the Sony camp was bordering on the most cheesy though. Especially Jack with his really lame jokes. At least with Reggie on the scale, that all came off naturally.

I was planning on using E3 as a barometer in which to spend my money: Get a PS3 or Buy a ton of Wii games and items, and well it didn't make my decision any easier!

3. MS didn't really do anything surprising that was interesting; That was their biggest fault. We know about all their games mentioned, Rock Band was much less stellar than I think everyone was hyping it up to be, at least aesthetically. Oh and the Halo Edition Xbox! Overall: Yawn.


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1. Nintendo                                                                                 1. Sony

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