Forums - Sales Discussion - Amazon shows Little Big Planet already a bomb?

sharky said:

Well, Wii dominates amazon top ten, just as in real life.


And the 360 version of multiplayer games always ranks above the PS3 one, just as one would expect.


Sure it's not a great source, but it's not meaningless either.

We must be looking at different charts........

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Ahhh Amazon is the source....

*whistles as he leaves the thread*

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d21lewis said:
LBP will be huge.


 ...In my pants. I have a sackboy myself. :)

Sephiroth357 said:
d21lewis said:
LBP will be huge.





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Torillian said:
How long have you been here Sharky? You should know that citing Amazon ranks as proof is extremely frowned upon and seen as a foolish argument. Please do come back when you come up with something more meaningful though.

And a game made by as few people as LBP is selling 2 million could in know way be seen as a bomb. A disappointment perhaps, but a bomb presumes that there was lost money, which there most definitely would not be.

 I've been looking at amazon preorder rankings compared to first week sales for quite some time and it definitely is an indicator for how well a game will open. Games like GTA4, MGS4 and MKWii were all #1 in sales for days before they were released and they all had huge openings. If little big planet can't get to the top 25 for a few days before it is released it's safe to say it won't have huge opening week sales.

When does Amazon decide whether a game fails or is successful?
Second, the game hasn't even released yet, so you my friend, fail and this thread title fails, and so does this thread.

Why is there so much hate on this game? It was similar to how when Haze was coming out and etc...

sharky said:

Now, I've been saying right along that LBP is one of the most overhyped games to come along in wont revolutionize gaming as many Sony fanboys claim, and further I've been saying all along it will be essentially a bomb, as I dont think it has much appeal. No, I'v stated it will likely ship 2 million worldwide, almost all first party titles accomplish this. But given expectations, that would be a bomb.


Well anyway do we have the first proof I am right at amazon? I noticed LBP is up for pre-order, and is only #76 right now. In contrast many 360 games like Gears 2 and Fable 2 are much higher, and even most PS3 hits  (say, Uncharted, MGS4) are much higher. Resistance 2 is currently #57.


I think you have to admit it shows LBP is not gonna light the world on fire, otherwise it would be #1.


HAHAHAH OMG wow. Have LittleBigCommercials even started yet? Poor guy...

Look fanboy, ferk off till the game has at least come out and sold before u start nailing it with your stupid beliefs and wants, cause that's all this is after all, what u want! Shame, shame, shame...

It's a sad day indeed for gamers to read puss threads like this.

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