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I think it's funny, that if 2-3 sony fans did something you think "all " of them did it. Can't you see people as individuals, do you have to see them as a group?

stereotyping/generalizing people is shit, don't do it again, thx in advance

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I'm afraid I find this arguement without merit. LBP might bomb - but this is not proof it will.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...

sharky said:


Ahhh, i get it. This is another one of those "LBP will bomb" joke threads that tests reading comprehension isn't it?

 There's alot of potential for LBP to bomb in sales as there is upside, but amazon is hardly a good indicator. Anyways, based off you're -$4000 dollars, I'm going to assume that you are not a credible source of information/ good theories.

Lock the thread its just trolling

Munkeh111 said:
People are going to pre-order far more from game spot anyway because of the kratos sackboy inclusion


That make them happy... selling new games?

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pichu_pichu said:
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo tEh baby seals =/


What     ...   ROFL!!


Ooooo more Amazon references, brilliant, they always seem to tell the truth.

/ sarcasm

on a more serious note, 4000 baby seals have died due to sharky's -VG$4111 and prediction failure after prediction failure.

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If you have should sue your schoolboard.





A little early for speculation of this kind, you think?

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New IP.
Most people that know about it now are people that go to forums and keep up with news, which is a small percentage of gamers.
First week sales will be small due to being a new IP and legs will probably be good if the game is what all the previews say. Uncharted anyone? Word of mouth helped that game a ton.

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