Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 low on stock?

People claiming it's low on stock and hence caused the mediocre sales number.

Did I miss the news somewhere?

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In the U.S., I haven't seen any in Wal-Marts or Best Buys in Houston. However, it's amazing that they're out of stock, and yet they sold 41K. Interesting.

PS3 is out of stock every single week...

They are clearing stock on the 40gb standard model before they reintroduce it with the 80gb hdd


Yes, there are also some stock issues in Europe I think (well there should be at least)

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sources? or just speculations?

NA : YES, go ask ioi himself

Europe : dont know but I dont think so

Time to Work !

I haven't seen any in target last week....

More 80gbs should hit stores soon. I remember when the 360 was supply constrained and no one believed me. However, I know for a fact I haven't seen a PS3 in the wild in nearly a month or so.

Mastur.. that guy from Norway said there is a shortage there like 2 weeks ago. So yeah.