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why do I have to keep repeating the same thing???

at E3 Jack Trenton said they are phasing out the 40GB and 80GB models for the new 80GB model.

From what I figure Sony is planning on doing this worldwide.

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I've not seen any PS3's in the San Diego County Area for the last 2-3 weeks, been to a few wal-marts, best buy and targets while looking for a HD-DVD player for the xbox 360, that btw is also not in stock to no ones surprise.

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wether or not shortages this is the dumbest thing in video games ever. not this incident exactly but the many different SKU's (is that what you call em).

If i want a system I want to go to a store and know i'm buying the system, not having to think, what are these 3-4 different models. why are they different. thats the main reason never bought a hd console yet.

they are making so many upgrades and price cuts and more space ect all the time that why would i want to buy one right now. i will wait until there is a good list of games that "I" like and then see the best deal.

Ha and kind of a delema here on this. You have people claiming Sony is weeding out the 40gb (which they are) before they bring in the 80 gig version at the same price. Then you have peopel claiming bad sales because why would people buy a 40gig when in a short time be able to buy a 80 gig for same price. So then let me get this straight you have people not wanting to buy a 40 gig cause waiting for an 80 gig, and sony waiting for the 40 gig to run out before releasing the 80 gig. ha, i find that just funny.


Edit:  oh and i can find PS3 easily in my town

madskillz said:
In the U.S., I haven't seen any in Wal-Marts or Best Buys in Houston. However, it's amazing that they're out of stock, and yet they sold 41K. Interesting.

Yeah, The Wii is out of stock in US and Eu yet they manage to pwn the PS360 every week.


Out of stock doesn't mean that there are no PS3s, it meanst that they are extremely hard to find.

Of course the PS3 is low on stock. There is no other explanation for the low sales.


At all.


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Combine the 40GB models being phased out for the new 80GB $399 bundle to hit stores in September with the fact that the MGS4 80GB bundle suffered from low supply (and still does in some areas).

Since you're evidently incapable of using Google yourself here's a link to the new 80GB presser on Kotaku.


Basically if you believe the numbers that Ioi calculates then you have to believe the information he makes to make those calculations. He has said that there are PS3 shortages, so as far as this site's numbers are concerned they are estimated with those shortages in mind. Thus, for those who believe the numbers are accurate, it's accurate to say that the PS3 is having shortages.


What I don't get is the way the "phasing out" was done...

More to the point, its not like the "new model" is even a new model. They should have gone the 360 route and slyed in the new SKU dynamically.

Could have made saved this whole fiasco really.

I suppose its a clean slate though, and they have been striahgt about it so respect for that, hasn't exactly done them any good though in a buisness sense.

Well at mylocal futureshop and Walmart they are all old out of PS3's and Wii's but at the same time there is only a few 360's left as well.

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I been a longtime lurker and love this site so thought i'd join just to relay some info after reading this post.

I work in Oxford St HMV in London which is possibly our biggest store in Europe. I can confirm there is not a PS3 or a 360 shortage here nor at any of our other stores. When they get low stock they ring us as we normally have excess stock we can send.
If you actually look at VGC figures your see the PS3 has actually been declining in sales since the start of may in UK. It used to sell around 18k a week here and is now at around 15k to 12k a week. The MGS4 bundle has been a good seller but now it has dropped off and i think that is what we are seeing. People expected the boost of sales from that title to continue 2 months after release and that isn't what happens with games. You get a boost for maybe the first 2 weeks then they start dropping. So in terms of the UK the PS3 is only selling 1k-3k less a week then it did 4 months ago. For there to be a shortage these drops would need to be far higher as demand increases. But this is the misconception people have taken, they see low sales and they think must be a shortage. When in reality it is just the same as it was a few months back. In fact if you look across all the markets you see the same story.

But to assume there is a shortage is ok but the question is how long does a shortage take to fix? The Wii seems to have a constant shortage here but still shifts out a good 40k+ a week. They are re-supplied at least once a week here as is the 360 and PS3. But the numbers we receive are lower for the 360 as PS3. Which keeps in tune with the current sales trends.

So i think the interesting thing is with this is how long can the shortage view be used? What if say in 1 months time when the old PS3 and 360 are gone the numbers still remain the same? Will people look back upon this period and say they made a mistake it was not a shortage? As i feel this is what is happening. It has been a longtime since the PS3 posted 18k+ sales here and it is strange to see this sales trend that has lasted months be explained as actually a shortage. So just felt i should tell you guys there is no shortage here. Of course it makes no difference if you believe me or not.