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This list actually makes me hate the DS. Too many adventure games and not enough classic Arcade action.

Also I hate Contra 4. Unbelievably boring. Metal Slug 7 deserves a place on this list if you're gonna mention Contra 4.

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the DS is a power house for RPG's! it's the 2nd system for the most RPG's I own(first is my PS2...though now I play them on my PS3)

and with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days coming out this month and Golden Sun DS and Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Sivler coming out next year, I'm just happy to own a DS/DSI

I'm playing Fire Emblem Shadow dragon and Chrono Trigger on my DS atm.

hmmmm might have to get a ds!

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OMG!Great work!You just made me add games to the wish list(I own a DS phat,a Lite and a DSi...)
In RPG there is also Contact,by Suda51...:D

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lol this thread just reminded me why i bought my ds, thx man, u got a great list goin, now if the psp could get love from the developers id be in heaven

Mario and Luigi 3!

If you want me to reply, quote me pls!

I love my DS! Gotta keep adding more games when i get my next paycheck and Christmas!

After watching the sales chartz I don't think people need reasons to buy a ds

Wow! nice list of games! I might have to pick up Super Mario 64, it looks like fun.