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Amarok said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
Amarok said:

Ok, slightly provocative title, but its sentiment is true enough for me.  I spend 95% of my gaming time on a MMOLRPG called Final Fantasy XI (PC version), and the rest on my Wii.

Ew.  You have my sincerest condolences.


Heh, well each to their own (WoW fan?).  FFXI has kept my wife and I busy for about 3 years now, and we've met many good friends around the world (usually around the same age as us, ie, over 35s).  I don't know if you've ever played it, if you have you'll recognise the time we've put into it just from our progress - 3 jobs at lvl 75 (RNG, MNK and COR), PLD at 70, NIN at 66, WAR at 41 etc, and thats just me, my wife does all the mage jobs (WHM, RDM at 75, BLM at 58).

I prefer putting alot of time into fewer games (although our time in FFXI is massively excessive, I'd be the first to admit).  I did manage to complete RE4 on the GC and Wii, and Zelda on the Wii, although god knows where I found the time.  One day I'll get round to playing Metroid and Galaxy which have been sitting idle ever since I bought them (no thanks to FFXI)

I'm not an MMO fan at all but last month a couple friends got me to try FFXI so I got a free trial and played it for a bit.  I noticed several things:

1)  The community is about as lively as a dead hamster (Titan).  For an MMO, it sure didn't feel like any part of it.  I realize it is an aging PC game with a dying community so I didn't have high hopes anyway.

2)  The combat is tedious and uninspired.  Out of the many RPGs I've played, FFXI's class system is among the worst I've played with.  Absolutely nothing felt rewarding for the effort required to get it.  For the amount of time required to get anywhere I could be making more progress and having more fun in tons of different games.

3)  FFXI has the absolute worst controls of any PC game I've ever played.  I've never seen a control scheme so bulky, so unintuitive, and simply so awful on any PC game ever.  This is coming from someone who has been an avid PC gamer since the days of eTangle/vTangle, vgaTrek, and Commander Keen.  FFXI made it quite clear to me that Square Enix had no freaking idea how to make a PC game.  From the very first moment I pushed the Escape key and nothing happened, I knew it would be downhill from there.  It was appalling. 

If it's what you and your wife enjoy, more power to you.  I know I couldn't stomach playing a game like that for any length of time.  ^_^

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kingofwale said:

so you created an account just to tell us here on a GAMING website?

Should I give you a medal or something?

LOLLLLLL, this is a gaming website my friend if you dnt play games no need to post any comment, only game related!!


o_hadji89 said:
kingofwale said:

so you created an account just to tell us here on a GAMING website?

Should I give you a medal or something?

LOLLLLLL, this is a gaming website my friend if you dnt play games no need to post any comment, only game related!!


Also, to be politically correct, this is not a gaming website.

This is a sales tracking website with a focus on gaming.  ^_^

vizunary said:

actually no, if he specifically wanted a media center then a straightforward BD player would not have accomplished this. and any comparable media hub with BD capabilities is a helluva lot more expensive than the PS3.


Surely newer Blu-ray will incorporate what he wants out of the PS3 for cheaper, and right now, I'm getting that he uses it to watch movies and listen to music. Unless he wants access to the PS Store, then I change my stance.

@redspear: But you are currently gaming, and want to game; he doesn't.

No software purchases..... O well.

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I know what he is saying. I bought my Wii for Wii Sports. The only other game I bought for the Wii was Wii Play for the extra controller. @Amarok - Enjoy your PS3 as a Blu-ray player, Sony will be glad to make their money off you with Blu-ray disks.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



Great choice, even though I can safely say that my time gaming on my PS3 far exceeds the time I spend watching movies.
I even bought my TV/sound system for the gaming, with the HD movies on blu-ray just being a bonus.
I only own two blu-rays so far, 300 and Sweeney Todd xP

misteromar mk4 said:
There maybe alot of people like Mr Amarok who buy the ps3 for their home movie setup. Which is bad news for sony because they lose money on hardware sales and make money of game sales.

They also make money off every Blu-ray disc sold. Which is what he's currently purchasing for his PS3...


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Amarok said:
Munkeh111 said:
Do you have no interest in any the games, stuff like Uncharted and CoD are great


Yeah I do really, my title was overly provactive to pull in the crowds.  But my point is, I haven't bought it for any games, if I do buy any games (FFXIII, RE5 are on my interested list) it will be just because I can, since I will already have the console sitting there.  I have already downloaded stardust to show off HD gaming.  I'm not a fan of first person shooters using a control pad, I did try the uncharted demo, reminded me alot of Tomb Raider back in the days when I played the hell out of the original game on the PS1.


 I figured that one out as soon as I read the title but was curious anyway as to why you'll buy a ps3 without games. I understand now. I stream content from my laptop to my ps3 too, thats why I'm happy for the Gb ethernet port as well since I use a Dlink DGL-4500 (best router ever!) and my ps3 does a good job playing all my games from multiple generations, all my movies, most of my computer data etc!

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