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Three way tie between Mario, Kirby, and Link.

Although I'm not sure if Kirby even has a gender :P


Thechalkblock said:
Solid Snake and/or Link. I also like Locke from FFIV

Locke's from FF VI.


*cough* *clears throat* Ness... that is all *leaves* *best character ever thread ends*

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Lolz. Nice bump :p

For me the answer should be obvious ^_^

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I have teh hawts for Knuckles. O.o

I mean, he's technically a male... when it comes to anamorphic speed driven creatures.

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Solid Snake
Followed closely by Link and Kratos (he may not have a personality, but he has extremely violent dual blades)

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C. Falcon is teh hawtness. But my favourite? Hmm is Kirby male?.. if not Link.

I think mine is Kratos or Lloyd from tales of Symophonia or maybe Travis Touchdown from No more heroes. Hmm I think I keep it on Kratos(so not from god of war).