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Nintendo deserves the Wii success. They gambled on fun, not blood and violence. They gambled right!

The argument "the Wii is the cheapest, the REAL next-gen machines will catch the Wii when they're cheaper" is nonsense. The Wii always costs 250 euro in Europe, the Xbox Arcade costs 200 euro in Europe. Still the Wii sells twice as much!

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Hey, Str8knox needs to chill a bit. I understand though. If Mako was playing, he should have included "sarcasm" at the end or something along those lines.

Bleu, you have no room to talk. You are a rather annoying poster yourself, so you should keep your mouth shut.

Kurakasa, your sig and avatar says it all. I'm sure he would've been banned if you came when he was here.

Damn things have changed since 2009 began. Here are my new visions for the end of the generation.


Wii: 135 mil

Ps3: 85 mil

360: 60 mil

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wfz said:
Seriously? Hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha

Well hey the N64 had some of the most amazing games ever. That system actually has all of my favorite games of all time. Banjo-Kazooie (Tooie) Mario 64, OoT and MM, SF64, Wave Race 64, etc.

Why didn't you like it?


Lol yeah...but i was pissed off at first, but when i started playing Mario 64, i totally forgot about ps1 xD

And yeah, N64 had amazing games, like Ocarina of time, Goldeneye, and my all time favorite, Ogre Battle 64 :)

I find it funny in this thread and others that the only people bad-mouthing Nintendo for their "kiddy games" sound like they're under 18 themselves.

Violence, sex, and swearing only make an adult game if you're a teenager. Many more adults have bought Wii Play and Mario Galaxy than have bought most "mature"-rated games.

"'Casual games' are something the 'Game Industry' invented to explain away the Wii success instead of actually listening or looking at what Nintendo did. There is no 'casual strategy' from Nintendo. 'Accessible strategy', yes, but ‘casual gamers’ is just the 'Game Industry''s polite way of saying what they feel: 'retarded gamers'."

 -Sean Malstrom



Garcian Smith said:

I find it funny in this thread and others that the only people bad-mouthing Nintendo for their "kiddy games" sound like they're under 18 themselves.

Violence, sex, and swearing only make an adult game if you're a teenager. Many more adults have bought Wii Play and Mario Galaxy than have bought most "mature"-rated games.




The people who says Wiis is for kids are mostly teenagers.

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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daactualfact said:
Kurakasa, your sig and avatar says it all. I'm sure he would've been banned if you came when he was here.

Now what is wrong with my sig and avatar? :(

wfz said:
MakoInfused said:
Loud_Hot_White_Box said:

You guys better hope the hate from the HD crowd starts pretty soon, or you will look childish for your predictions.

It won't come from me though, I like the Wii.

Ok :)

To be honest, the wii is a console you want to play when you try to beat MGS4 to get the FOXHOUND Emblem but just find out it's too damn impossible.

The wii is #1...but why? Cuz it's cheap. The lil kids go to Gamestop and see the PS3/360 booths with the beautiful grafics, cool characters like Marcus Fenix and Solid Snake and ask their parents for one of those consoles...but do the poor kids cry when the parents get home with a Wii with last-gen graphics and with a fat old plumber for their games...sure they play iy...but because they don't have anything's sad really.

Parents see the PS3/360/Wii on a shelf, and ask

-"Ok, what's cheapest one?"

-"The Nintendo wii Ms."

-"Okey, give me one of those"

It's only a matter of time b4 the true nextgen(current...actually) consoles get a casual price.

Sorry to break your bubble guys, but enjoy the Wii while you can..b4 it crumbles down to the true NExT- GenErAtIoNz ;)


No but seriously, wii sux, HD gaming is the future. End of that.


Yeah lets completely forget that you can buy a 360 arcade for almost the exact same price as a Wii.







The last few posts have been really trollish, what the hell? Mods?



And even with the 360 arcade, it's not even doing remotely well.

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I'm not so sure about Nintendo "deserving" the top spot. The fact is, Nintendo made the right product at the right time and now they are on cruise control to win this generation. Nintendo has earned their top spot.

The one major flaw I have with the Wii was the lack of a dvd player. Not that I needed one as I own all 3 consoles this gen but it somewhat surprised me as I would have thought that they would have included one. A lot of friends/co workers were slightly disappointed by the lack of one. Im not a huge fan of the big games on Wii as a lot of them are just more of the same (Zelda, SSBB) but thats just my opinion and it's to be taken with a grain of salt :) What I love about the Wii is playing the old, old games like Super Mario Bros 3 etc etc. Thats what sold the system to me.

All in all though I firmly believe gaming is headed toward the HD direction. While both the PS3 and 360 have made mistakes (RROD 600$ price tag o.O) on trying to gain a larger foothold in the market, both MS and Sony showed us, the consumers, what next-gen hardware is all about. Until the HD format becomes more and more universal the Wii will continue to outsell its competitors and produce quality software. Oddly enough the next round of consoles to be released has me a bit fearful for Nintendo. HD will be fairly common to say the least and it will be interesting to see what direction the Nintendo will take. Until then gratz to the Wii and Nintendo :)

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Str8knox said:
Mako, stfu and drop to hell. This thread wasn't meant to troll. Go under your bridge with your bullshit.

I don't care what anyone says at this point. The Ps3 and 360 can constantly drop price all they want but THEY WILL NOT SURPASS WII! That's final.

Man, Mako, your such a stupid fanboy.

coolestguyever, so the fact that you bought it and it's affordable proves that the price point won't matter. Or maybe you meant some other anti Wii comment.

Man. Why are there so many dumbass Sony fanboys nowadays on the internet? We need more gr8 Sony fanboys like Darth. Not leo-j, or coolestguyever. They are just high-school jokes. I bet they haven't even graduated yet.


 darth is not a good poster....

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what a patronizing fuss...

No company will ever cease to be the market leader unless it destroys itself from within first.

Atari destroyed itself with lack of quality control and letting control of their product get away from them.

Nintendo destroyed itself with stuborness, poor business deals and screwing over nearly every major third party developer.

Sony destroyed itself with Blu-Ray, the cost of HD gaming and a need to compete in the American market while nearly abandoning the Japanese Market.

With Nintendo now very aware of the market and its past mistakes, its unlikely they will ever make a mistake ever again that will cost them the lead. They are the only company who now understands how to expand their market, the only company who is making a substantial profit off of gaming, the only company to come back from such a tail spin, and the only company solely invested in gaming. They are not the Nintendo of the past, they are the market and consumer savy Nintendo of today.