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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo is back where it belongs!

RolStoppable said:
Two things:

1) I wouldn't call Madden a high end game, especially because the 08 edition had some bugs.

2) The Wii has an internet channel.

3) I can't count to two.


Oh I see, you can't cont to two so you have to count to three in order to make your two points. It makes perfect sense now that I think about it.


I agree with the OP, I'm glad Nintendo is once again riding high in the gaming industry. It takes balls to do what Nintendo did with the DS and Wii.

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I'm just glad Nintendo didn't end up getting pushed further out of the gaming industry this time. The fact that they're on top with sales is just icing on the cake.


Hi, I'm me, and i'm a graphicswhore.

I own only a PS3 atm. (Could get a 360 if Fable 2 is decent :P )

But i do have to admit that Nintendo is the one pushing the borders, we need to thank em for saving gaming. Yeah, Sony grew gaming to the public eyes, and Microsoft a bit less, but none like Nintendo :D They remind us that you still can have fun w/o blood and gore, and that's kinda hard with today's society :P But they did it...

God bless those Japanese pussys...

J/p :)

It's strange to see you post this after all the ps3 threads.. this ain't a sarcastic thread right?.. If not, Agree with your post.

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How long will nintendo be on top for though that is the question.

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All I'm going to add, is that the Wii is now *easily* my favorite console ever - and gets a huge amount of play time at our house (by everyone).

I have always liked Nintendo for their games - that said I spent $1000AU to buy a PS2 on the day it was released in Australia (and didn't get a GC until 2 months after it came out).

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You guys better hope the hate from the HD crowd starts pretty soon, or you will look childish for your predictions.

It won't come from me though, I like the Wii.

yep nintendo deserves it,theyre the best

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obieslut said:
How long will nintendo be on top for though that is the question.

Nintendo will not stand at the top forever, that much is certain.  It's in the natural order of things that the leader inevitably loses sight of what made them great, and Nintendo's first fall is definitive proof of that.  Still, I'd wager they can stay at the top for another generation before falling prey to the third console curse.

Getting back to the topic, it's plain to all of us here that Nintendo has risen from their supposed deathbed to bring disruption to the industry once more, claiming an extremely strong lead in the process.  Third parties have to start treating the Wii as more than a shovelware dumping ground for Nintendo's success to be complete, though, and we have no idea when that will be.  In the end, though, I'm convinced that developers won't ignore the fact that the Wii's userbase isn't being tapped properly by any third party today.

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obieslut said:
How long will nintendo be on top for though that is the question.

It's true. When I was young Nintendo made cards, ran a taxi service and had a chain of love-hotels. Times change.