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Just like to add that the new features added today kick ass. I played as Snake, and it rocked. I mean, seriously, it rocked a lot! I took out most of two entire teams!

Roll on the full release! I want more Snake!

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I am glad to see people warm up to the game,it gives hope for the future release.


btw i cant wait to play as snake and pwn

Yeah, if anyone has figured out how skills are leveled please inform us. I wouldn't mind if all the skills raised equally as you have them equiped and you get points for killing people. I know that rifle and fast moving leveled first for me and I had those equiped the most. Leveling fast movement only makes sense with getting points for all skills equally when they are equipped because you are constally "using" the skill if you are moving.

No words.

Its just awesome.

I love using the MEN's magazines to momentarily immobilize my victims muahaha.

Seriously though, its friggin awesome, even though Im used to much faster pacing.

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It's funny to be running around and watch your character be distracted by a magazine. His "ooooooh!!!!" and laughs are humorous and then to top it off, hears appear over his head.

*edit*- Some things have been frustrating the hell out of me thoug.

Lag is making or breaking the experience for me right now. There hardly feels like there is a timely response when shooting and it can take a moment before any bullets of mine actually hit and cause an enemy to look hurt. Also, unless I'm close up and in auto-aim, it hardly feels like I can do any damage against others and it's really annoying to shoot at somebody while they're running away, they'll get behind a wall where they'll suddenly die because it apparently took that long for my last few bullets to hit them. Another annoying thing is an enemy and myself will be shooting at each other and I'll die and then what feels like a second or two later, he'll die from my bullets despite me already being dead. 

The next area of frustration is coming from the spawn system. It is especially annoying when playing as Snake in the sneaking mission. I didn't notice the problem to be as bad on the new map, but it was an 'in your face' problem in the smaller Blood Bath map, I'll spawn right literally right in the walking path of an enemy.

Is there a place to make suggestions to the developers?  

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Ok so i figured out the level problem i had... so the stars mean you have leveled up but you are not using the highest level... but when you equip it you have to take off another ability. This is because you have 4 tickets and if you use level 1 abilities 1 ability = 1 ticket... but level 2 abilities use two tickets so you can have 2 2 level abilities or 1 lvl2 and 2 lvl 1... I think this balances out the game really well because it would be so unfair if someone had 4 lvl 3 abilities... so as of now here is what I use

Level 2 rifles: Didin't notice the "less recoil" but it recload faster and i seemed to be killing more people

Level 2 CQC: This is where CQC becomes awsome! I haven't found any "advanced moves" as the descriptions says, but wow is it much easier, the radius is a bit more forgiving now and it's really fast to K.O people... with the rolling tecnuique it takes no joke like 6 seconds more or less.... the guy doesn't even have a chance to free himself... as of now if I ever CQC a guy, unless one of his teammates killed me from behind, I have 100% certenty of stunning him, which is awesome because you start raking up points really fast.

Now what I will do is try to see what the advanced moves are and possibly level up to lvl 3 and see how awesome that is...

Oh and I have played as Snake a good couple times... and Wow is it hard... I mean yeah Snake is really strong guy and if you learn how to use the camo you literally become invisible to the enemies. As of now I don't understand how you get tags... i think you have to do the "FREEZE!" move and wait... but I don't see how it would work if the maps are so small and dense... unless the guy is completely alone someone will find him right away...

Anyways hope this somehow helps and continue playing everyone May 11th isn't that far away!

Crap, I forgot to get dog tags! I have seen it done to me, though. I think you crouch over a kill and pat them as if you are trying to wake them up (meaning hit triangle).

Man, I need to get to CQC 2 because people can get out of my hold and I never stun them. Btw, what is the button to use the knife to actually stun people?

I have figured out, though, and someone might have mentioned this, that if you roll someone over you can let them loose and they pretty much have no chance to kill you as you knife them. Oh! That reminds me, I got killed by a guy once as I tried to roll him over. He knifed me back! I wonder if CQC 2 allows you to do that, because the guy definitely did Knife kills the entire time. He wasn't able to do it again, though...I got him back...but I was excited that you might be able to time it correctly and get out of it. If you just crouch someone ina choke hold and let them go, hey have a chance roll away.

This would all be solved if I could use the knife to stun them like others have done to me. Maybe my newly leveled Knife lvl 2 will do that...

its fun but i do not like the new controls for mgs beta


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smiles123 said:
its fun but i do not like the new controls for mgs beta

yeah, it's a tough learning curve. I still need to get better at shooting because I was probably the worst today out of eeveryone that was playing. I do love the CQC stuff but I have a feeling I don't understand the depth of that yet, either. I do know that no one got out of my choke hold with CQC lvl 2, but I cant use my knife mastery lvl 2 unless I want to be slow...much less rifle mastery with it...what I want to see is a map with nothing but sharp corners because then I won't have to worry about shooting, hah.

Yeah, I now definitely need a higher CQC level. You can stun with the knife if you use L1 and then hit R2.

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