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Forums - Movies & TV - Great shows ruined by terrible endings (Hide the spoilers)

Attack on Titan; I followed the manga when it was still releasing monthly, and I can still remember when the leaks came out for the final chapter and the utter disbelief across the fandom. I think this was about midway during the first part of 'Final Season' (and I feel truly bad for Mappa, because they were doing a great job of picking up after WIT). The series had already been declining badly during the final arc after choosing to shift to glorifying the Cringevengers, as if Isayama and his editors/overseers lost the nerve to take Eren's morally challenging justifications to their ultimate conclusion; but only because I'd rather believe the story wasn't always meant to be that ridiculously perverse and stupid.

Anyway, after seeing the leaks I didn't even read the last chapter, stopped watching the anime and didn't buy any more of the books or blu-rays which I'd collected pretty much all of them to that point-- all of the main series and even most of the spin-offs. I didn't rage post or join the AOE (anime only ending) Hopium squad, just completely cut ties and decided I'd never waste time or money on that topic again.

The 100; I didn't watch the last season since it's not on Netflix, but after reading about it I decided the series ended after season five, while season six is a half-decent epilogue and season seven never happened.

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Three words: Game. Of. Thrones.


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The ending of How I Met Your Mother never bothered me. I probably do not think the story continuation in sitcoms matter enough for me to be upset about it.

Game of Thrones and Arrested Development for me. Just ugh, terrible last seasons overall.

And this is gonna be a very unpopular opinion, but Friends too. Ross and Rachel are a TERRIBLE couple, they have no business being together, they bring out the worst in each other.

I wouldn't call it great before the ending but the ending of Wonder Egg Priority is impressively bad. I knew that it apparently sucked going in but I was still a bit taken aback by literally half of the "special" episode being a recap and the other half being a total mess. At least it was interesting in its badness.

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You think Game of Thrones was bad... it's nothing compared to the ending of Lost. That was a bad ending.


Um the halo tv series takes the lead with that of course.


Surprised nobody mentioned Lost yeeet

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curl-6 said:

Killing Eve.

Fucking amazing show, but the last season was a catastrophic drop in quality and the ending just felt like "lol we have no idea how to conclude this but it has to end now so fuck it".

Jumpin said:


While I wouldn't say the show was ruined for me, it felt anti-climactic and random. It was just a "Our show got cancelled, so this" type ending.

There's a telemovie made after the last season that gives it a better sendoff.

Yeah, I’ve seen it, but I don’t consider it a part of the TV show, more like a “what of they didn’t die, and we had to wrap up plot lines” type ending. Not for me so much, but probably a much better option for others.

Anyway, the ending didn’t ruin the show for me, but it was a little abrupt and surreal like “let’s fit all the As You Like It stuff into the end, plus the biggest tragedy possible. And make it as tight as possible… about 2 minutes!” Which is kind of a Farscape thing to do.

I don’t blame anyone for this except the network guy that cancelled the show. The ending reminds me of how much I want to say “fuck you!” if I ever meet him. 😄

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