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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - First trailer for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, coming 2025

I can't believe it. It's finally real. And it looks incredible.

Coming 2025.

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Probably cross-gen will check it out on Switch 2.

I wonder if that was actually Switch 2 footage. If not, it definitely looks to set a new standard for Switch visuals.

Hopefully it includes all of the control options from Prime 1 Remastered. I cannot go back to non-motion controls for Prime.

Lack of 2 and 3 is a little disappointing.

I'm actually surprised that they are continuing on the trail left by the ending tease of MP3, but yeah, people can finally get a rest on the existence of this game !

Definitely looks like they used in some parts assets from MP1 remaster and upped it a bit. A nice looker.

Sooo 2025 .... It's a cross-gen, most likely

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It feels like a prank because the game was announced 7 years ago.
It's going to be cross-gen or at the very least get a Switch 2 boost patch.
Had it been this year or given a full release date for 2025, there isn't much reason to think it would be cross-gen. But the vague 2025 seals it in my mind.

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Probably makes sense that it will be a Switch 2 launch window title, so probably like March-spring 2025.

Works for the IP because Metroid is not a huge hit IP so it'll benefit from being both in the Switch 2 launch window + having the Switch 1 userbase as well to sell to.

Has Nintendo published any actual details yet, or is it just the trailer at this point?

This looks INSANE. I love that they are following the Prime Remastered visual style. Of course this is just a short trailer... but wow. Retro Studios is back, baby!

Looked amazing!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

It's amazing to finally see Metroid Prime 4 after all these years.

Good to see connections to Prime Hunters and Prime 3.