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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 20, 2024 (May 13 - May 19)

All hardware sales are down this week. However, Stellar Blade looks to be having really great legs and nabs another #1. This PS5 game might remain on the chart for a very long time.

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Go Stellar Blade go; sexy badass women for the win.

PS5 though is really not looking healthy. The 4th year of a console, a successful one at least, should still be in its prime, not sub-20k. Worse, there doesn't seem to be anything big enough to reverse its fortunes until Monster Hunter next year; it's gonna be a long 2024 for Sony in Japan.

Updated with top 30.

Stellar looks cool, I heard a PC version is being considered.

As for the ps5, not sure what Sony should do. I'm not convinced a pro model is going to do much.


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Thanks for covering for me this week, deerox. I was unexpectedly away from my PC all day yesterday.

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Stellar Blade has pretty legs. Ring Fit definitely did not skip leg day.

Switch is holding on for it's age.
PS5 is trending to half for the full year compared to last year.
Xbox is trending up compared to last year surprisingly.

Ring fit 2 announcement coming at switches successor trailer

Ring Fit's coming back with a lil sprint back to the top with Stellar Blade lol.

Hardware sales have slowed down a bit again. Understandable for the Switch, less so for the PS5. But let's be frank, it's price point is most likely not attractive for the mass public anymore.

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