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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best year of the Switch


I think the best is...

2017 27 44.26%
2018 0 0%
2019 8 13.11%
2020 2 3.28%
2021 8 13.11%
2022 5 8.20%
2023 11 18.03%

Great years


Good years

Average years

Bad years (so far)

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I picked 2023, though 2017 was also great. In both cases, Zelda and Mario are what made the years great.

I would love to hear from one of our two voters for 2020. Not that it isn't a valid opinion, would just be curious to hear why. Maybe they really loved Animal Crossing?

I actually feel like 2020 isn't as bad as its reputation suggests; it did have some games I really liked such as Doom Eternal, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Sniper Elite 4, and Hotshot Racing. Problem was those were mostly packed into the last few months of the year leaving Jan-August pretty dry, while Nintendo's annoying refusal to communicate made the wait feel worse.

I thought 2020 was a great year: Xenoblade Chrobicles Remaster, Animal Crossing NH, Super Mario Galaxy Remaster, Trials of Mana, Streets of Rage 4, Hades, Bioshock Collection, Ys Origin, Hyrule Warrior: Age of Calamity, Tokyo Mirage, No More Heroes remasters, Shantae Seven Sirens and Risky’s Revenge DC, new Shovel Knight, Bloodstained 2, Catherine, Super Mario Bros 35, and a bunch more. I probably played more Switch in 2020 than any other year.

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2019 is probably my favorite, although a lot of it is indie titles that didn't show up on the OP: Katana Zero, Blasphemous, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, etc. Three Houses was the only big Nintendo first party title I found myself invested in.

If we're primarily talking Switch exclusives, then 2021 probably gets my vote: Dread, Monster Hunter (until recently), Bravely Default, etc.

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I would have to say 2021 because the quality games kept on coming out and as we got further in the 2020s the exclusives kept on steamrolling in.