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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What could the Switch2 'Gimmick' be?

I think VR could work the amount of series that would work in VR for nintendo is frankly a lot, Zelda, xenoblade, pokemon, metroid, fire emblem.

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Phenomajp13 said:

Ethernet is already built into the Oled model dock, are you saying it still uses usb?

How does the dock and switch communicate?  Via USB.  Something is only as fast as the slowest bottleneck.


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Mario Kart VR.

Given that there is already Mario Kart VR Arcade cabinet, it's pretty given that either port for Switch 2 or brand new Mario Kart with VR option would be one of the system sellers.

I’d love to see the hook be that the tablet essentially breaks apart into a smaller one or folds somehow so that handheld mode can become like a true handheld again that you can put in your pocket and go. Do I think this is feasible at all? No, probably not. But still the best hook I can think of for Switch 2

Will Switch 2 have… two screens that break apart? From the DS to Wii U, Nintendo has a longstanding love of a dual-screen setup, and a patent recently unearthed by Game Rant suggests that it might consider going back to a DS-style twin-screen handheld device.Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Games predictions. After doing some research, we have come to the conclusion that there are four possible games that will launch alongside of the Switch 2. We have narrowed it down to Luigi's Mansion 4, Super Mario Odyssey 2, Mario Kart 9. There is also the long gestating Metroid Prime 4.

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why don’t ppl want some new wacky gimmick on Nintendo’s next system? I love my Joy Cons, Wii U Gamepads, WiiMotes, GCN/N64 controllers, etc. So boring just doing a repeat of pro controller and joy cons.

(I do understand the limitations that come for 3rd party and even 1st party devs when it came to the Wii U Gamepad and Nintendo’s insistence on waggle controls during the Wii era…but I’m asking for a good gimmick, not an additional obstacle.)

Nightmare prediction: The Switch **2** has **2** screens. When in handheld mode, it operates like a fancy DS. When in docked mode, it acts as a **Wii U Gamepad**.

Realistic prediction: I have absolutely no clue lol. I feel like they might honestly just do graphics upgrades and call it there, of course supplemented by some random QoL improves like 4K rumble or smth.

I think the Switch 2 gimmick should be two things.
1. bigger cartridges.
2. Add something that makes all the game capable of being 3d. Something like the 3ds.