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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 5, 2024 (Jan 29 - Feb 04)

@ShadowLink93 You are somehow one week behind the OP reffering to last year.

Could be that you are right and OP is wrong with the numbers of last year.

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siebensus4 said:

@ShadowLink93 You are somehow one week behind the OP reffering to last year.

Could be that you are right and OP is wrong with the numbers of last year.

That's because last year we had 53 weeks (to Famitsu) so the numbers this year are like 6 days off, or you can start counting from week 53 of 2023. Both ways are valid for different reasons.






Its really difficult to explain the PS5 hardware results when compared to the software results... especially is you prescribe to some of the Chinese conspiracy theories that purport that the Chinese only want PS5 and don't care for Switch. I kid of course! Don't be afraid to laugh. 😂

Xbox still up yer over year. Will it be next week? Or will it finally go below 2023? find out on the next episode.

Mar1217 said:

The article is from a Chinese buisness site, but the gist of it is this :

"Not only laptops, but also consumer electronics, the demand is extremely bleak. It is understood that the two major game console manufacturers, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, both faced the challenge of lower-than-expected sales and excessive inventory during the Christmas season last year.

As though a 3rd major console manufacturer doesn't exist?  These media outlets always trip me out.

On topic:  Interesting to see PS software do so well and yet the hardware not maintain the previous week's sales pace. 2024 is now under 2023.

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Nice to see Persona 3 Reload and Granblue Fantasy Relink even if I wished both sold 3M first week tho.

PS5 software finally showing signs of life, but a substantial drop in hardware; guess those discounted bundles ran out.

Not a lot of significant Switch software still to come, but its evergreens will likely continue to chart for years to come.

Not exactly a good opening for Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash considering how huge the brand is. I wonder how much longer it'll take till the Switch drops into the 30's since the last time it had a week below 40k was back in late 2022.

Granblue did better than I thought, based on pre-orders charts.

Furukawa talked about Switch 2 to investors recently:

"Last year, when Nintendo Switch entered its seventh year since launch, we said we had entered uncharted territory because, in the history of our dedicated video game platform business, it was unprecedented to expect sales of 15 million units of hardware and 180 million units of software in the seventh year of the life of a system. When we look at the sales situation so far this fiscal year against this backdrop, we believe that hardware sales have held stable since the first half and that the holiday season results were steady. Increasing the number of new consumers has become more difficult, given that the platform is in its seventh year after launch, but as previously discussed, we want to maintain momentum in the business through a good balance of both first-time buyers and demand for multiple units. During the holiday season, we noted a particular rise in first-time buyers of our hardware, and we see this as a positive sign for the Nintendo Switch business going forward.

Regarding new hardware, we are unable to make any comments beyond saying that our company is constantly conducting research and development on new hardware and software. As we mentioned before, articles claiming to reference information released by Nintendo and other speculations have been appearing mainly on the internet lately. Information that has not been officially announced by Nintendo can mislead consumers and investors. We encourage you to exercise good judgment based on the information we provide on our official websites and social media accounts. It takes a long time and thorough planning to get ready for new hardware, and those plans are not impacted by whatever the latest business conditions might be."