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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fighting games, motion blur screen tearing

Anyone annoyed  with motion blur/frame issues on fast paced games? Tekken 8  for example, if you are aware of it, every time a punch or kick lands, the frame either blurs or tears at the moment of impact and you can't make out the full detail of hit detection/ physics damage amination. Either this has always been the case and  people have adjusted, or not given it much thought,or maybe  due to screen technology changes going from crt to led. 

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Motion blur is the worst.

If there's an option to turn it off, I turn it off - doesnt matter what game.

It's probably the CRT to liquid displays like you said, because unless I am blind, I don't see any motion blur when I pop in my copy of MK 1 or SF TE on my Genesis--which is odd. You'd think in an era where artificial intelligence exists, that our TVs would be superior (in all ways) to that old twenty-inch, Sony CRT from Best Buy that you bought in 1999. But nope. It's crazy lol.

I turn motion blur off on all games. Can't stand it.


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I agree motion blur is mandatory to turn off if you want an ok game experience.


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I totally agree but what's worst than that is that stupid screen shake gimmick and flashy lights as they are harmful to eyes and brain!! Obviously devs don't give a fook about your well being...