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RIP. It was clearly coming for a few years now.

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E3 has been dead to me for a long time. Tree House and other online forums are better.


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End of an era. I mean, oficially now at least.






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It was over years ago when publishers realised they could do their own little events. Pretty sad as E3 used to be a mini Christmas for gaming announcements. And now we have a billion events to catch up on and Summer Games Fest (lol).

The writing's been on the wall for quite a few years now.

I've not been interested in E3 for years, maybe over a decade, so I find it hard to feel sad about this. It was expected.

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There were a lot of good and memorable times. Growing up it was always an exciting time ramping up for the next E3.
They had quite a few years to adapt to a better format, but looks like they were unable to.

The biggest red flag was when Sony left the show.
I remember a number of people here saying it was because "they have no PS4 games to show, since PS5 will be announced later".
But they've been through transitional years before and never missed an E3. They could have shown something cross-gen and saved the rest for PS5. So I had a strong feeling they wouldn't come back.

There were reports shortly before about disagreements within the board on how E3 was to be run. I guess they never went in a direction that was satisfactory.

Thinking back to all the presentations over the year, it wasn't even a game reveal that stood out the most (and there have been many great ones), but when Xbox fumbled so hard that when Playstation just announced the most basic expected features, people cheered in unison. And then the mic drop with the price.

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