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2007, Game of the Year

Portal 11 12.64%
God of War II 4 4.60%
Halo 3 12 13.79%
Bioshock 6 6.90%
CoD 4: Modern Warfare 5 5.75%
Rock Band 1 1.15%
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 1 1.15%
Metroid Prime 3 3 3.45%
Super Mario Galaxy 36 41.38%
Other (please specify) 8 9.20%

What a year. So many good-to-great-to-epic games. Other than Zelda on the DS being a colossal disappointment, 2007 has always stood out as one of the best years of gaming for me, much like this year actually. Also the year I was most into Guitar Hero too.

My top four games have metacritic scores from 94 - 97, and for good reason. Any one of them could have easily won GOTY on their own:

4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) - Smooth gameplay and a great campaign. Lots of fun with this on the 360.

3. God of War 2 (PS2) - Everything that was great about the first game, but better, and without that one level that sucked (yeah, that one). Incredible bosses and fantastic level design, the PS2 went out strong in its 7th year with my favorite game in the series.

2. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - Finally, 3D Mario meets 60fps goodness, along with spherical worlds and some amazing gravity effects. Boss battles were at a whole other level too, and while it’s not quite as good to me as its sequel would end up being, this is where the magic started.

1. Bioshock (Xbox 360) - I made my friend download the demo on his 360 the day it released and we were both completely floored. I finished the game twice on his 360, bought it when it released on PS3 and then again on PS4 and Switch. While the gunplay in the game is nothing special, the plasmids are what make the gameplay interesting and the whole upgrade system is great. Bioshock is the perfect game to reference when making a case for games being art. A wonderfully realized world, brought to life with amazing details and some of the best voice acting I’ve heard in any medium, with characters and a story that you remember forever.

EDIT:  Completely forgot about Picross DS!  This game would be a close third after Galaxy and I don't care if it messes up my aforementioned meta average.  Picross' debut on the DS was fantastic as the touch screen made input and navigation of large puzzles infinitely easier, and as a result, made the game so much better than before.  Far and away my favorite puzzle game of all time.

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Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction is my personal favorite from that year.

Out of the poll options, I went with Portal, but even then Bioshock and Uncharted are up there with my favorites. Also, even if I haven't played it for years, I can't discredit how many hours I spent playing Rock Band 2 at various friends houses for at least 2 or 3 years after the game came out.

Super Mario Galaxy


Halo 3, and it isn't close.

Voted for Galaxy. Didnt think about it, just went for it.

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Third vote for Lost Odyssey here. Eternal Sonata was another good game released in 2007 that did not get mentioned in the other notable games section beat it three times in order to get all the achievements for it. I would have rebought it for the PS3 if it would have had trophies.

Halo 3 with the hype leading up to launch and the game surpassing all your wildest expectations, will probably never happen again in gaming.

I’ll never forget the midnight launch.

Halo 3 certainly had the biggest hype and biggest launch of the year.

Bioshock was the biggest surprise, amazing atmosphere, great game. And that opening rivals the intro to Half-Life. What a great setup. Would you kindly.

Although Stalker was just as big a surprise as Bioshock. That game really kept me on my toes. True survival FPS.

Uncharted was great to have something colorful and lighthearted to offset the anxiety Stalker induced and a great adventure on its own, yet Uncharted 2 is where it really clicked. The latter part of Uncharted went a bit off the rails.

Mass Effect was awesome, still the best in the series to me. The controls and combat weren't as refined yet, however the story and progression in the first game is still the best of the series. Those Mako controls though lol.

Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario and Portal are all in my all time top 50.
Portal gets my vote, sits the highest as the most original and simply awesome puzzle game.

The game is so polished, perfect difficulty curve with stylized hints and instructions. And then the banter.

It was topped by Portal 2, both are classics. Best video game song and end credits as well.

Super Mario Galaxy, but Metroid Prime 3 is very close to being game of the year 2007.

Weak year but I will go with Blue Dragon. Really liked that game.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!