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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 42, 2023 (Oct 09 - Oct 15)

I saw talk about the PS5 having stock issues in the lead up to the new model so that drop doesn't really surprise me but the Switch having its worst weak of the year so far I didn't see coming. It should go back up significantly next week though.

Around the Network 10 back to all Switch titles. Looks like Playstation can't release several SKUs every week. PS4 has been selling great the past two weeks. WTF?

Minecraft sold almost the same amount as it did last week.

Nintendo hardware sales in Japan

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The next weeks until the release of the slim will be really SLIM for the PS5.

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The calm before the storm

Big OOF for everyone involved !

Though you could see a Switch decline coming since it wasn't the week of Mario Wonder release but the PS5 too in such a sharp drop again prolly due to dwindling stocks and the upcoming "normal" sized models factor into this phenomenon most likely

Also Detective Pikachu Returns still first on top this week. Taking a small beyond it's predecessor once again.

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