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1994, Game of the Year

Tekken 2 2.17%
Doom II 2 2.17%
Warcraft 3 3.26%
X-Com 2 2.17%
Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles 5 5.43%
Donkey Kong Country 18 19.57%
Earthbound 6 6.52%
Final Fantasy VI 21 22.83%
Super Metroid 29 31.52%
Other (please specify) 4 4.35%
Chrkeller said:

6 vs metroid is a flip of the coin. Either one destroys the competition

Come on... you know that 6 edges it ;)

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Mnementh said:
SvennoJ said:

That would be Transport Tycoon Deluxe that launched in 1995 with many QOL upgrades, including the map editor and network play

I see Descent also released in 1994, the first true 3D game and 6DOF game.

Doom was essentially still a 2D game with tricks to make it appear 3D. The map was flat with no overlapping sections. Descent was completely 3D with levels folding on themselves. The map was represented as a 3D wire mesh which filled out as you explored along

The goal was the escape the mines while fighting enemies and dodging bullets.

Excellent game and all my infos say it is a '95 game.

Yeah I just corrected that:

Parallax Software and Interplay followed the shareware model used by Apogee and id Software, and on December 24, 1994;[23] uploaded a seven-level shareware demo as Descent both in retail and on the Internet.[13]

The full game for MS-DOS was released on March 17, 1995,[16][24] followed by a Macintosh port published by MacPlay in December 1995.[25]

We were playing the Christmas version, I remember being home for the holidays (from university) and trying out this new game with my friends from high school. We sucked at it at first, mostly stuck to the walls lol. But after a while it clicked and become a favorite.

Voted FFVI cause thats MY game of the year, but boy thats another stacked year.

Dreamcaster999 said:
Chrkeller said:

6 vs metroid is a flip of the coin. Either one destroys the competition

Come on... you know that 6 edges it ;)

I wouldn't argue against 6 being the best.  Heck of a year to get super and VI.  I'm playing VI now which is probably my 20th play.  Fantastic game.


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While Wing Commander is my absolute favorite series, the third isn't the best of them.
TIE Fighter on the other hand is my favorite of the series, but I don't quite love X/TIE like WC.

There were great beat'em ups: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors started the series and another personal favorite One Must Fall 2097.

Also notable from the year is the first Elder Scrolls game ES:Arena as beginning of a giant series.

But I really have only two options: FF6 and Live A Live.
FF6 is my favorite of the ones I've played (8 first). It certainly is the most iconic of all these.
And I hate to throw my vote to an obscure Other that'll likely get no second vote.

But my sincere opinion is that Live A Live is the best JRPG ever (with possible exception of Phantasy Star 1, but that's personal nostalgia), I have to vote that. Modern consoles are getting versions for a reason.

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Mnementh said:

Hey, what you call X-COM is actually an european game called UFO:Enemy Unknown that only in America was called X-COM:UFO Defense. Also the GOTY easily.

You missed out some pretty good games both in your list and your extension list:

Then we have one of the best fighting games ever, One Must Fall:2097. From a company Epic Megagames, not some losers only called Epic. It had cool stuff after fight, like a news recap and your mechanic telling you, your robot got too much damage.

Oh yeah, OMF rocks hard! Making it even more difficult to choose which game for the year

Mnementh said:

We have the open world adventure game Robinson's Requiem, which used Voxel graphics and simulated oh so many systems. For instance you had not simply health points, no you could be sick with all sorts of illnesses and could overheat or be too cool. Some degree of simulation I only ever saw much later again in Project Zomboid.

Have you tried it's successor, DEUS (NO relation to Deus Ex)? There the simulation got upped to 11. I mean, what other games do you know where you can die from hunger, thirst, food poisoning, heart attack due to too much stress, widespread gangrenes, asphyxiation, alcohol poisoning, heat stroke, undercooling, medicine poisoning or drug overdose in general? Or games where you can amputate both legs, arms or even both eyes (turning the game into a black screen with sound btw), need different medicines for different afflictions (the manual actually comes with a large medicine section explaining what you need to do)?

I haven't seen anything that got even anywhere close to this level of survival simulation ever since. Too bad that game wasn't exactly great.

Edit: here's a list of the deaths in the game:

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In 1994 I remember The Elder Scrolls: Arena being reviewed, it was the FRP (IIRC, pretty much nobody really called them RPGs back then) a lot PC gamers were salivating over. For a good reason, too, given that it was sort of a cross between Ultima Underworld and Might & Magic. Who knew then it would grow to become currently the biggest VG RPG IP.

Games I remember most dearly from that year are Warcraft (which was a great RTS, but it also had the option to connect to another computer via dial-up modem, so you can play against your friend - which I did a lot). System Shock (which built further on Ultima Underworld's idea of Immersive Sim that offers players a lot of emergent gameplay), UFO: Enemy Unknown, Little Big Adventure, Super Metroid and Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

And then there was Panzer General. As someone who always loved and played military strategies, but never got to convince any of the friends to play them, this was something mainstreamed enough that I had a very easy time finding potential "victims" for Hotseat duels. Probably my most played game from that year.

But ultimately, I give my vote to Transport Tycoon. While I loved Railroad Tycoon, I always wanted the whole package, and not just trains, and then they did just that. Loved it.

Gotta go with Sonic 3 & Knuckles here, the best of all the Sonic games.

This is had to be the year, the SNES buried the Genesis. Snes coming out with Donkey Kong Country, Metroid, Final Fantasy VI, Earthbound, and Super Punch Out. At least Sega got a taste of next generation power with the 32x this year and the Saturn in Japan. Ultimately I have to go with my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time in Final Fantasy VI, but it is so hard not to say Donkey Kong Country when nothing looked like it at that time. Going to be nice to see the Playstation 1 added in 95 and N64 added in 96.

SvennoJ said:

1994 another great year with lots of new games, now mostly in 640x480 leaving the old 320x240 resolution behind.

1994 saw the debut of System Shock, first person action adventure

Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Wing Commander also still going strong with Wing Commander III: Heart of the tiger

Still more excellent adventures with Beneath a steal sky, Under a Killing Moon.

Sid Meier's Colonization was another big hit, kept me and my sister busy for months. Very addictive game play with some excellent new systems introduced.

Magic Carpet was awesome as well, another game ahead of its time

Magic Carpet had a 3D stereogram mode where you could play the game in 3D after you trained your eyes to see stereograms. It worked and prompted me to make my own version of animated stereograms. Together with my dad we already made a program to produce static magic eye pictures from rendered 3D Studio images (by rendering them with depth information in layers and then converting to a stereogram).
After playing Magic Carpet I made a demo which renders a 3D landscape, hills and valleys with shaded depth information which I then converted to random noise stereograms. The trick I learned from Magic Carpet is to subtly shift all the lines around to avoid seeing the movement patterns too clearly which become distracting. I experimented so much with magic eye pictures in the day that my eyes still jump to see stereograms everywhere, just relaxing my eyes on the keyboard shifts it into a different perspective with keys overlapping, making the keyboard look bigger and further away.

1994 also saw the birth of the 'Theme' games starting with the excellent Theme Park

1994 had the best ever Transport Tycoon game which is still being played today. still going.
The game was amazing for its time, starting with bus routes, trucks, then trains, boats and airplanes. You could dig your own canals for ships and the train system was a huge upgrade over railroad tycoon. There was also a map editor to make your own maps. Never has another transport game captured the scope of Chris Sawyer's Transport tycoon. So cool to have airplane hubs work together with trains, and trucks with shipping terminals.

Sim Tower was a great twist on the Sim franchise, going vertical

Very addictive game as well, running in Windows 3.1

But I have to give this year to the birth of Warcraft, Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans created the buzz and might very well be responsible for the birth of ESports, put Blizzard on the map and led to the still popular Starcraft and World of Warcraft.

And of course inspiration for the wildly successful Age of Empires series.

Sooo many more great games... can't decide...