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Mnementh said:

Hey, what you call X-COM is actually an european game called UFO:Enemy Unknown that only in America was called X-COM:UFO Defense. Also the GOTY easily.

You missed out some pretty good games both in your list and your extension list:

Then we have one of the best fighting games ever, One Must Fall:2097. From a company Epic Megagames, not some losers only called Epic. It had cool stuff after fight, like a news recap and your mechanic telling you, your robot got too much damage.

Oh yeah, OMF rocks hard! Making it even more difficult to choose which game for the year

Mnementh said:

We have the open world adventure game Robinson's Requiem, which used Voxel graphics and simulated oh so many systems. For instance you had not simply health points, no you could be sick with all sorts of illnesses and could overheat or be too cool. Some degree of simulation I only ever saw much later again in Project Zomboid.

Have you tried it's successor, DEUS (NO relation to Deus Ex)? There the simulation got upped to 11. I mean, what other games do you know where you can die from hunger, thirst, food poisoning, heart attack due to too much stress, widespread gangrenes, asphyxiation, alcohol poisoning, heat stroke, undercooling, medicine poisoning or drug overdose in general? Or games where you can amputate both legs, arms or even both eyes (turning the game into a black screen with sound btw), need different medicines for different afflictions (the manual actually comes with a large medicine section explaining what you need to do)?

I haven't seen anything that got even anywhere close to this level of survival simulation ever since. Too bad that game wasn't exactly great.

Edit: here's a list of the deaths in the game:

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