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Mnementh said:
SvennoJ said:

That would be Transport Tycoon Deluxe that launched in 1995 with many QOL upgrades, including the map editor and network play

I see Descent also released in 1994, the first true 3D game and 6DOF game.

Doom was essentially still a 2D game with tricks to make it appear 3D. The map was flat with no overlapping sections. Descent was completely 3D with levels folding on themselves. The map was represented as a 3D wire mesh which filled out as you explored along

The goal was the escape the mines while fighting enemies and dodging bullets.

Excellent game and all my infos say it is a '95 game.

Yeah I just corrected that:

Parallax Software and Interplay followed the shareware model used by Apogee and id Software, and on December 24, 1994;[23] uploaded a seven-level shareware demo as Descent both in retail and on the Internet.[13]

The full game for MS-DOS was released on March 17, 1995,[16][24] followed by a Macintosh port published by MacPlay in December 1995.[25]

We were playing the Christmas version, I remember being home for the holidays (from university) and trying out this new game with my friends from high school. We sucked at it at first, mostly stuck to the walls lol. But after a while it clicked and become a favorite.