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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 40, 2023 (Sep 25 - Oct 01)

I'm waiting for the PC port of Ys X: Nordics. ^^

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woah weird week. So many new releases, Pikmin 4 the only game in the top 10 that isn't new. Also all the new releases gave Playstation a bunch of games near the top. Low Switch HW numbers too but I guess cuz Mario OLED is coming next week, it'll probably jump up to like 100k next week.

And Switch just passed 3 million with the entire holiday quarter left to sell, in its 7th year...just crazy.

All but Pikmin is new in the top 10 and a is an even split between Play Station and Switch.  5 Switch 3 PS5 and 2 PS4. 

Pretty cool to see 9 of the top 10 being new releases. And despite that, none of them boosted hardware.

Machina said:

Pretty cool to see 9 of the top 10 being new releases. And despite that, none of them boosted hardware.

well, i wouldn't really call any of them hardware drivers in the first place, that's for sure. haha

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What the... That's a weird week in more ways than one, don't think I've seen 9 debuts in the top 10 before. Must also be the first time in years (probably?) than PS has as many titles as Switch in the top 10.

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King Switch will rise again next week

Pikmin 1+2 got kicked out of the top 10 after 1 week. All that had to happen was for 9 new SKU's to enter the top 10 in the following week.

FC24 on Switch up significantly over FIFA 23 last year; hopefully this trend is reflected globally as they actually decided to put some effort into this year's edition as opposed to reselling FIFA 18 for a 7th year running.

Ys X Nordics falls somewhat flat, but decent numbers for Fate/Samurai Remnant.

The Mario OLED next week sucks the wind out of Switch hardware's sails for this week, but from next week on it should kick into high gear for the remainder of 2023.

Ys X Nordics is a success :

Once again "some people" (two exactly) doesn't know what they are talking about despite being non stop on a sale' website.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana did 40 009 when we count all platforms.

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