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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 Ships 38.4 Million Units as of March 2023, Sets Video Game Record for March Quarter

Signalstar said:

70% of software sales are digital now.

How low can physical go?

These numbers have to be dissected to make sense. If we distract all digital-only games, all GAAS and multiplayer-online focused games, all sports games with yearly updates, all games digitally bundled to consoles and all games released on PC by Sony, then mainly only (the remaining single-player) AA and AAA games will be left. On them, the percentage of digital sales would be much lower, probably only in the 50-55% range.

Nowadays, less single-player AAA games come out compared to the PS2 and PS3 times and the AA market was so much bigger back in the days.

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HigHurtenflurst said:

For the Jan-Mar quarter yes, PS5 now has the record, but you said non-holiday quarter. DS has 4 non-holiday quarters higher than 6.3, and Switch has 1.

I stand corrected. 

Suddenly PS5 is catching up to PS4 again in such a massive way.
So the forecast is 25m, not 30m as it was rumored.
But this early year shipments are insane, so maybe they did it so they can adjust the forecast up during the fiscal year.
Anyway, Sony needs to show/announce the next batch of big games right now, last year was amazing for them, but the sales are sky-high, so time to capitalize on it.
TLoU multiplayer should have a date and be guaranteed to be free to play until the end of this quarter.

Late to seeing this but this is an amazing result hardware wise. This should put to bed any remaining low predictions of the PS5 not surpassing the PS3.

A picture From Lala Land.

Edit: i took this picture because there are people who don't believe the PS5 supply increase is real.

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Chicho said:

A picture From Lala Land.