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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much will the base Nintendo Switch 2 cost?


How much will the base Nintendo Switch 2 cost?

$249.00 0 0%
$299.00 6 9.09%
$349.00 16 24.24%
$399.00 39 59.09%
$449.00 0 0%
$499.00 3 4.55%
There won't be a Switch 2... 2 3.03%
ArtX said:
Mar1217 said:

Hmm, you mean the kind of games the Switch did not need to be a best selling console ...

It doesn't truly need to be a 4K beast machine.

Anywoo, DLSS technology will make the upscale possible for these kind of games so I'm not too worried

It's just to make sure that AAA games are released for the console. My concern is whether the DLSS will work its magic properly until the end of generation

DLSS is just an AI imaging reconstruction technique, it doesn't really care what game it's working on, it's just examining an image frame and then reconstructing that to appear at a higher resolution than it actually is. 

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I think it would be most reasonable for them to charge $349. I could see them going up to $399 though.

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I'd like them to go for $399 (stripped down) and $499 (standard). But they're probably going for $299 and $399, or just one model at $399.

JRPGfan said:

AMD resently announced AMD Ryzen Z1 + Z1 extreme, which are 15w-30w APUs (for thin laptops), that can reach upwards of 8.6 Tflops of grafical compute capabilities (for the Z1 extreme at abit under 30watts). (Switch is around 0.4 Tflops (400 Gflops)).  (granted this is the newest new, likely on 4nm nodes ect, and not even out yet)

The Z1 are just rebadged 7040U series.

It may have 8.6 Teraflops of FP32... But it can't use it in any meaningful way.

JRPGfan said:

So Spec wise, I'm expecting a Switch 2, to do something around that (if nintendo wanted to).
I'd love to see a Switch 2, when docked able to best a Xbox One X / PS4 pro, in terms of graphics grunt.

There is one big issue with that.

...Bandwidth. The achilles heel of all mobile processors.

JRPGfan said:

Yes, Im expecting more than a x10 performance uplife in terms of the GPU inside the Switch 2.
That and probably also something like DLSS ontop (if its a nvidia gpu) (otherwise FSR)

FSR is a given regardless if it's nVidia or not. It's hardware agnostic.

Soundwave said:

DLSS 2.0 can hit 4K resolution even from as low as 720p actual native resolution, so "4K machine" is not that big of a deal with Nvidia's DLSS tech.

The first 1:30 of this video shows how passable even extremely low resolutions can be with DLSS 2.0 enabled, you could definitely have like 360p for undocked (DLSS-ed to 720p) on a small screen and even 720p for docked mode (DLSS-ed to 4K) and it'll be passable. 

I am of the opinion that 4k is a waste of energy in a mobile device, reconstructed/upscaled/A.I enhanced or otherwise.

1080P is a great middle ground on a 7" panel, provided it's a quality panel and not a TN/VA panel with muddy contrast ratios.

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I think it'll launch at $350. I definitely could not see them selling a system at $400 in the near future, that would put them up in Xbox/Playstation style very expensive systems, which Nintendo has always avoided.

But with Switch and OLED still at $300 and $350, and presuming a price drop at least to $250 and $300 for those in the next 12 months, it wouldn't make sense for a next-gen system to launch at what the old (OLED) system sells at - $300. $350 seems like the best bet.

$350 with full backwards compatibility with upscaled resolutions and NSO working on day 1, launching with 3D Mario, with MK9 out within a few weeks of launch. I don't think people would balk at the higher price of $350 with all that available in the launch period.

As far as the resolution as people are talking about it on here, yeah I would think with DLSS Switch 2 will just do 1080 native docked similar to current gen but then leverage DLSS to display games in 4k. From what I understand next-gen games shouldn't have a problem being 4k thanks to that tech. Thanks to this AI tech I think gone are the days where resolutions matter - you just get it performing well at an acceptable resolution and then bump it up to super high rez with AI without sacrificing all that processing power. The actual device screen I could see being 900p, it'd be nice to think 1080p but Nintendo is gonna want to keep costs down and frankly with that sized screen the current 720p is already good, 900p will be real nice. To keep the price at $350 I think we'll see 900p screen and 128g disk.

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Assuming this is an iteration of the Switch, not something completely different, and in terms of powers is around PS4 levels, 399€ sounds about right. Do they still have the NVidia partnership deal going on?

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$399 mininum.... Since this will probably be Nintendo's first time doing cross gen, they could brave $449 and still keep the regular Switch on the Market at $249

Otter said:

Since this will probably be Nintendo's first time doing cross gen


SKMBlake said:
Otter said:

Since this will probably be Nintendo's first time doing cross gen


Releasing new games across multiple platforms. I.e the next Pokémon being available on Switch and Switch 2. In the past Zelda has been their only cross gen game at release, whereas I think it'll become a theme for the first 2 years of Switch. Not with all first party titles but a lot of them.

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