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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best looking SNES game(s)

When it comes to the most graphically impressive game on the SNES, ill say DK Country, the fact that they were able to pull of more realistic 3D visuals with DKC on a console known for mainly 2D pixel art is pretty impressive.

However, ill say the SNES game thats the most appealing to look at even to this day is Yoshi's Island, the fluid pixel animation is just so beautiful and imo it ages the best out all the SNES games.

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Yoshi’s Island.

Still one of the best looking games ever made if you asked me.

For me it's always been DKC, maybe because it was the very first SNES game I've played and I still remember how it wowed me

DKC. No doubt!

Absolutely the DKC-series. (though I have only played DKC1 and DKC2)

For me it looks so much better and cleaner than everything else. It was on a whole different level.

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JWeinCom said:

Steet Fighter Alpha 2 was impressive in that it existed.

Mega Man X3, Kirby Super Star, Dream Land, and DKC 2 are probably up there.

I was going to say this too. IMO SFA2 is the best looking SNES game by far.

Donkey Kong Country is one of the few games, ever, that impressed me graphically (when it first came out).
Over 4000 colours on a system that normally displays 256.

Mario RPG, Unirally, Chrono Trigger, and Terranigma were interesting too, but they all came out after DKC and didn’t have quite the same hype train over the graphics, even if they were some of the best of the generation. I think Nintendo was kind of taken off their game when Sega released the impressive Sonic the Hedgehog games, but DKC put the rivalry to bed.

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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

Treasure Hunter G is another good one.

Hmm, never heard of it.  It looks good, I may have to play through it.

Killer Instinct. - SNES.

Mario RPG:

Donkey Kong Country 3:

Jumpin said:

Donkey Kong Country is one of the few games, ever, that impressed me graphically (when it first came out).
24-but graphics on a 16-bit console.

It's 16-bit.

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 Terranigma is another one that was pulling of 3D effects using only sprites. The entire overworld is underground. Looks like an inverted Animal Crossing but on SNES

Outside fo Square Quintet probably got the most out of the system without resorting to the FX chip. SNES only allows 256 colors on screen at once and yet this game was pulling some lighting effects not common with 2D hardware. It always seemed like it had more going on screen than it does.

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