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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, apparently, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet is filled with glitches. Have you found any?

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Due to development getting disrupted by a pandemic this is for sure more rushed than a typical Pokemon game. Usually that disruption would cause a delay to make up for lost development time but with all the various pieces like the anime in the mix a delay isn't allowed and this mess happens as a result.

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PAOerfulone said:
KLAMarine said:

Pokemon has long become CoD or sports games with the yearly releases. Games get huge backlash and yet still sell millions!

I was kinda hoping Pokemon fans would have higher standards than COD and Madden/FIFA/2K fans.

I guess I was wrong.

The 4 titles you have listed are much more polished and with higher budget and labor than all pokemon combined =p

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Lets see how well this one is whether it fixes (or creates more bugs)


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