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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U Turns 10 TODAY!


Did you own a Wii U?

Yes 51 80.95%
No 12 19.05%
Leynos said:

It's still hooked up but not used it in over a year. I need XBX ported to Switch.

I'd prefer if they were to remake it for the next Nintendo system personally, simply because the change to a more powerful hardware would make the upgrades aspects probably easier to be made without the same insane amount of tweaking they had to make when did make the game on the WiiU.

Honestly, I can't really fathom how difficult such a port would be for a game that was litteraly made for the system to a T.

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The WiiU may be the console with the least amount of software I own for but that's all right because each title I played on that console felt worth it and special for the time I put into it.

Also my current Xenoblade X and Wii BC machine hahaha ! It'll never die !

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I loved my wii u

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also