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As a Consumer Would You Rather?

Traditional Console + Everything Exclusive 18 40.00%
Xbox/PC Hybrid + Access t... 27 60.00%
G2ThaUNiT said:


Switch 2 or Playstation 5 Pro ?

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JRPGfan said:

Switch 2 or Playstation 5 Pro ?

PS5 Pro wouldnt be next gen though.

He's probably talking about Hellblade 2 graphics.

jason1637 said:

He's probably talking about Hellblade 2 graphics.

That’s exactly what he’s talking about lol. He got a review code. 

Both graphics and sound are supposed to be a “next gen experience” 

Microsoft finally caught up to the PS3 in graphics, so proud of them 🥺🥲

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Yeah, pretty sure he is talking about Hellblade 2, last I heard Klobrille doesn't have access to Xbox games in-development or their next-gen hardware prototypes, most of his leaks over the years were from a vulnerability in their website codes that he exploited for awhile to get project codenames and the developers who were making them, though I'm pretty sure Microsoft fixed that vulnerability awhile back, I haven't seen him leak anything in years. These days he is just an Xbox fan who makes Xbox infographics. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

DroidKnight said:

Seems like the videos and trailers have given it a sligh push.
For the last week its been in the ~130-150 ish range, on the  top global steam seller's page.
Now it seems its gone up to the 60ish range.

Hopefully it doesn't totally flop sales wise.

That trailer looks so good.