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Forums - Politics Discussion - Will Liz Truss become the shortest-served PM in British history? Update: Yep!

Ryuu96 said:
SanAndreasX said:

I would like to congratulate Ms. Truss on her history-making run as Prime Minister. Keep up the good work and good luck in your future endeavors.

Update that title.


I mean, we haven't seen how long the next candidate for the job will last yet, so we might have to update the title again.

Fun fact: Liz Truss's term in office lasted 4.09 scaramuccis. 

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GE please, you cannot keep changing leader and having no mandate. Immoral party that deserves a complete disbandment.

All we can do is find humour in this absolute joke of a government.

Mordaunt or Sunak next.

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Would be funny if Boris comes back.

Wikipedia already has her picture up on "List of British prime ministers by length of tenure."

@Ryuu96: I feel your pain, I really do. Come November 8, I'm looking at my next state governor very likely being a former TV anchor who thinks Trump won the 2020 election, among other things.

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S.Peelman said:

Would be funny if Boris comes back.

Lol. Don't think he has enough support from MPs, I hope.

Rishi might not either though, I think Mordaunt is the most likely.

All I can think of, if her own party aren't going to support her, why even bother electing her?

Hmm, pie.

So, the next Tory leadership election will be happening October 28th. Liz Truss will be "caretaker" (And who will take care of her in the meanwhile?) until then.

As for who will run in that election, here's a little list from what I found so far. I will update this post as new information will come out:

Will run for PM: Declined to run:
Boris Johnson (reported by The Times, not confirmed yet) Tom Tugendhat
Kemi Badenoch (expected from tweet, unconfirmed) Michael Gove (ruled out by Tory leadership)
Suella Braverman (expected from tweet, unconfirmed) Jeremy Hunt
Rishi Sunak

Also, Nicola Sturgeon rubs in the fact that Truss never met with any devolved government by saying that she'll wait for the 5th Tory PM during her tenure as FM then instead...

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Also, expectedly, pretty much all the other parties are calling for a General Election. But since the Tories would get absolutely buried in an election (expected to get even less constituencies despite getting more votes than the Lib Dems if one happens now), they will certainly not let this happen unless forced to.

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Can we make it a law that if a PM resigns an election has to happen? This whole thing has been ridiculous for far too long now.