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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Opinion: Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda and Activision do not benefit Xbox owners.

It supposed benefit Gamepass not Xbox per se. MS doesn't give a toss, which platform you play your GP games on, as long as you keep paying. At this point XB is just an "enabler" for the GP. Also you assume that none of their 25+ development studios will ever come up with a new IP. I find it hard to believe TBH.

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One point of view; developers tend to favor the console with more sales so with MS having Bethesda and Activision games exclusive that will definitely push Xbox console sales MS desperately needs. So overtime, if Xbox console sales far exceeds Playstation then you can bet Xbox will get a lot more 3rd party exclusives and deals etc...thus the benefit is that Xbox gamers will be getting more games.

ConservagameR said:

If Game Pass doesn't take off, then it's only going to be a big benefit to XB owners if those games are all made exclusive, otherwise what was the point?

That's a good point: what would happen if Game Pass never really take off ?

To put stuff in perspective, Disney+ launched in 2019 after Disney buying almost everything entertainment related stuff, to a very cheap price (6,99$ if I recall correctly, now 8,99$ but still cheaper than Netflix). ANd now 3 years later, it sits at 150+ million subscribers despite the launch price being raised by 2$ since.

In comparison, GP launched in 2017, 5 years later we still can find ways to pay it almost nothing (1$ deals, Microsoft Awards stuff, Gold conversion, etc), the subscritpion numbers barely reached 25 million users, below MS's expectations, and yet they still invest a huge amount of money to make it worth it (which it definitly is).

But I am wondering if, after 10 years, with lets say 2000+ games in the service, most of the new releases being available day one, and still having to cope with heavy discounts and figures below 30 million users, would MS decide to take the plug off ?

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V-r0cK said:Xbox console sales MS desperately needs. 

I don't think MS needs to sell consoles nowadays

"Quagmire, are you the type of guy who takes 'no' for an answer ?"
"My lawyer doesn't allow me to answer that question"

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There are still unseen ripples to the industry because of these massive acquisitions made by Microsoft.

Xbox players will benefit in the mid term with these acquisitions, but when other billion/trillion dollar companies start buying out publishers, and lock everything to their platform because of the streaming wars, then the industry will be permanently fragmented.

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SvennoJ said:

70 billion is also equivalent to 140 million Series X to give away for free.
Or 389 million GP Ultimate subscriptions at full price for a year.
70 billion would pay to make GP free for the current about 30 million subscribers for the next 13 years.
Or 350, 200 million budget AAA games.

Just some perspective...

That is some really crazy perspective! What got me the most are 350 games with a 200.000.000 budget. My god, is this a lot of money. And a lot of games. Just crazy.

SKMBlake said:
V-r0cK said:Xbox console sales MS desperately needs. 

I don't think MS needs to sell consoles nowadays

Well if they continue to buy up big companies and put them on their Gamepass then yes they wont need to.

But as of right now MS needs to play both sides carefully (console and streaming) incase everyone doesn't play the way MS wants them to.  ie. If Rockstar chooses to stick to console then it'd be a good idea to ensure your console sales are still up.  

I suppose I can see the argument being presented here: these games were always going to exist on the Xbox platform so they don't provide anything extra.
But really, the deal is to secure Gamepass as the de facto gaming subscription and cloud service.

This is exactly what the CMA (and other regulators) are presenting as potential issues to the acquisition: can new competition even exist in the subscription and cloud service space if MS has exclusive access to IP such as CoD?

At the end of the day, the benefit to Xbox owners will be a lower barrier of entry to play these games, since all of these games from the acquisition will naturally come to GamePass.

For sure, to me these moves are made to damage the direct competitor. The only thing good is for the fanboys brag online and subscriptions to go up but will they go up and itt will be profitable ? Thats a lot of games on gamepass no one will buy , i am sure theyvwill be full of microtransactions, loot boxes and the budgets for the games stagnating or being slashed with quality probably dropping, and if they fail managing the studios might be a exodus of devs , they do not have a good track record just look at halo and the clusterfuck its been. Lets wait and see.

It will if you're a Gamepass user.