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Forums - Politics Discussion - The Queen is dead. Long live the King

Pemalite said:
SanAndreasX said:

As to the rest of it, did you remember much about meeting Her Highness? The highest-ranked public official I ever met in my life was our Representative in Congress at the time when I was 10, when my dad was meeting with him for assistance in getting a disability rating from the VA from a career-ending injury he received during annual military training. 

She was very prim, proper and polite... Everything that an Australian isn't, we tend to speak what we think for the most part.
And I guess that is actually what she liked most about Australia, it wasn't full of yes-men who are there to try and appeal and gain favor.

It was definitely an "act" but she also did genuinely care as well.

I have met multiple leaders of Australia... Even called one a wanker to their face, but I am a community driven individual with a lot of ties to fire/rescue and officials, media and so forth because of it. - The prime minister and news were often sharing images and videos of the 2019 bushfires that I had taken for example.

When I was young, my sister and I also had an opportunity to meet President Reagan... except that the venue ended up being overbooked. 

I also had the dubious pleasure of sitting on a plane in front of one of my Senators, who I heartily dislike, on a flight from Washington, DC. He blathered the whole time to his seat mate.

I would have liked to have been able to meet with the Queen, but of course, it was never to be, as I am not a Commonwealth citizen.

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Ban hammer time? 

King Charles III had a mistress, but is he the one to bring London back to the swinging sixties (the 1660s that is)? King Charles II had over 100 mistresses!

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Jumpin said:

King Charles III had a mistress, but is he the one to bring London back to the swinging sixties (the 1660s that is). King Charles II had over 100 mistresses!

Compared to the indiscretions of the recently resigned Boris Johnson, Charles was quite tame in comparison. His big problem was that his family never approved of Camilla, even though she was the love of his life, and they discouraged him from marrying her in 1970 when they first met, which was before she was married to Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1973 and before he went off to serve in the Royal Navy. He was more or less pressured by his father to marry Diana.

Long live the KING !