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Forums - Sports Discussion - FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022

CloudxTifa said:
KLAMarine said:

safe to say argentina's winning this?

We will wait a little to say that.

That certainly seems sensible now.

Last edited by SecondWar - on 18 December 2022

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Hiku said:
SecondWar said:

At this stage, Messi is on course to get a winners medal and the golden boot. Would you bet against him getting the golden ball as well? I wouldn’t.

If Argentina win, Messi could miss every shot in CL and he would still get it.
Because 1.) statistically he's had one of the best starts to his club season ever (club play went on break with Messi being the only player to have both double digit goals and assists, iirc), even before the WC started, and 2.) remember how much Copa America weighed when he won in 2021. Not only winning the WC, but arguably being the best player at the WC as well, the 8th Ballon D'or would be all but guaranteed.

You misunderstood what I meant, but given Ballon D’or mean Golden Ball I can see how I caused it.

I meant the Golden Ball that Fifa award for the best player at the World Cup tournament, not the annual Ballon D’Or award.

Choketina is back like vs. the Netherlands. Oh man.






That's KLAMarine fault ! Saying it is over right ?!

I don't want to watch this anymore.

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Messi !

Messi!!!! Come on Argentina, finish it off this time, please!

This match is killing me.

At least no one can say this match isn't exciting.

Moren said:

At least no one can say this match isn't exciting.

Well, the first 45 minutes weren't... And even then it took a while before things got exciting, but since then? Yeah, can't really argue with you.