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Forums - Sports Discussion - FIFA World Cup - Qatar 2022

Excellent again.

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So Croatie is third.

Tomorrow I still support Agentine.

Hiku said:

@CloudxTifa @Eagle367 
Guys, wrap up the political discussion, or please create a new thread for it.

Of course im gonna go and eat some frog now. And with that I bid you adieu and good night.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Made it to Buenos Aires.

Gonna watch the game on a big screen with some thousands of Argentines.

It's gonna be nuts.

I remember at the start of the tournament there was this investment company that had this formula they always used to predict the winner, and had got it right for the last two tournaments, same with some other super-computer or something. They both said Argentina to win it.
I dismissed it as simple dumb-luck, but well my gut tells me Argentina will win later. It just feels like the stars are aligning for Messi.

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Who is favored to win?

KLAMarine said:

Who is favored to win?

France by a little bit but it's almost the same.

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Messi !

Di Maria !

Away from the final, I’ve been reading a lot of comments in the English media regarding England’s world cup campaign and the reaction to Southgate’s decision to stay as manager into Euro 2024. God, I can see why other fans see us as arrogant and entitled (I mean, correct me if I’m wrong on that but I don’t think I am).
Southgate is called a serial loser and failure for not winning any of the 3 tournaments he’s coach England at, how we should have beaten Croatia in 2018, Italy in 2021 and would have won 2022 had someone else taken the second penalty against France. Also the narrative about we always lose to the first big team we play at a tournament, with Southgate only winning 4 out 20-something matches against top sides (interestingly 3 of these were in the Nations League which England fans typically dismiss as friendly matches - the value of this tournament is playing more frequently against the top sides is apparently lost in them). They also demand a world class coach to replace Southgate but never come up with a viable option. Pochettino and Tuchel are mentioned but I don’t see how they are realistic options. Eddie Howe and Graham Potter at the top choice from the Premier League but they aren’t leaving their clubs anytime soon. Other more realistic options like Brendan Rodgers or Steven Gerrard would receive as much derision as Southgate. Sarina Wiegman, who has won the women’s Euros twice, is dismissed out of hand as a ‘League Two level manager’ despite her stellar record in international tournaments and embodying several things Southgate is justifiably criticised for (attacking intent, tactical substitutions).
I felt before the tournament that England didn’t deserve to win due to their fan’s arrogance and this is just reminding of that feeling.